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Friday, May 4, 2012

[photos] Kim Hyun Joong in Singapore [with live] Fan Meet Updates!...120504

Social media is a great tool of communications these days and glad that through twitter, everything can now be updated live! 

Although the fan meet is now over, still the following updates are a great help in monitoring what is happening and what has leader prepared for the fans.

Envy...sigh! Wish I was there!


Song List...

Updates from @KAvenya...

Cool looking KHJ on the screen.. Lol..

KHJ kicks off the concert with "Let Me Go", and mext will be "Break Down". His looking cool!

LHJ came bursting put of a white ball.. Here we go the first tour in SG.

After a heated start, how abt a ballad of "Please" followed by "Thank You"

Omg.. KHJ took off his top!!

KHJ: "I feel comfortable here cause you treat me with much warmth. Thats y i chose SG as the first destination"

KHJ prepared english lyrics for "Happiness is.." and requesting fans to sing along.. His struggling with the fans.. Lol

"Kiss Kiss" is wat KHJ wans to tell u.. His dancing on stage with his white bear.. ^^

KHJ sang to a fan n gave the huge teddy to her.. He dedicated the song to Shakira.

KHJ is now saying "Im Your Man".. Are you falling for his romantic actions?

Shakira is the name of the fan, if we got the spelling right.. ^^

Singapore fans are lucky because its the first time KHJ is performing "Smile" onstage.. 

KHJ is now singing the song from drama Boys over Flowers.. "Because I'm Stupid".. Emotions overflowing.. 

Video of Jihoo Sunbae in the background.. Rem him playing the violin?

He threw a towel into the fans after wiping his perspiration..

Fans are screaming and calling "Hyun Joong ahhhhhh!!" for the stage games/activites for fans to interact wif him..

KHJ: "No concrete plans 4 concert yet, but possibly next year". Obviously he likes Singapore Chilli crab n gonna eat tmr.

5 fans gonna play a game with KHJ to see if they think alike.. 1 fan gonna win nothing..

KHJ is mimicking the actions of Marilyn Monroe.

The winning fan gets to take a photo with KHJ in any pose.. Lucky fans with the lucky guy.. Lets get on with the parteh!!

KHJ is now singing "Marry You" and the losing fan got back onstage to be seranaded by him. Loser gets best PRIZE!! 

Loser is the biggest winner.. She got a bouquet frm KHJ n they held hands.. 

KHJ is back on stage with his all red outfit for "Do You Like That" and "Lucky Guy remix".

KHJ is now with his "last" song.. "If You Are Like Me" and he is creating a sad mood.. T___T 

Encore for KHJ? Fans are calling out to him.. 

Really the last song.. Its gonna end in a high with "Lucky Guy"!! Let's bring up the heat!! 

KHJ: "ARE YOU REEEAADYYY?!?" "Shake it shake it.. Everybody move your bodyyy!!

Its a huge encore partehhhh at the indoor stadium.. Fans are going frenzy!!! 

Finale!! Look at that..

High five still ongoing.. Guess its gonna take some time. We're gonna signoff now. Thanks for staying with us. Goodnight!

@KAvenyu signing off...

the following pics cre as tagged...

Partehh is over, and the fanmeet is over.. Time for the high five with ALL the fans..

The high five session begins now, and this is something not done before. KHJ will high five all 3000 fans.



the abs







Mr. Jeong!


this is truly daebak!!!
more updates soon!


all pics as tagged

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