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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Addiction to Korean Pop and K-dramas...What started it all?

Let us rewind. 

I have written this piece before but on another page...my personal page. How did mslee1107 became a fan of Korean Pop and K-dramas? 


addiction to Korean Pop and K-dramas

by mslee1107

Year 2002 made me a certified Korean-drama addict. It was Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Hun of Autumn  in My Heart who made me fall in love with foreign movie aside English movie, of course.

I still remember back in high school when I used to watch holly wood films preferably over Tagalog films. It has nothing to do with being a snob, but more on I was impressed by the amazing stories and the beautiful actors from the USA. Since then I started collecting videos of my favourite movies.

One evening, this was 2002, while watching a local news from my only channel, GMA (smiles) I saw a teaser of a very beautiful drama with a beautiful actress, now I know as Song Hye Kyo or more known as Jenny/Jessie of Autumn in my Heart and Full House. From the short teaser, I knew that it would be a good series, and I was right.

Since then, I was hooked in K-dramas. But why do they appeal to my taste so much? Was it because I like their chinky eyes? Their beautiful complexion? Or was it their different culture and traditions that are being showcased in their dramas? Perhaps...all of these reasons. Not to add the amazing cinematography I have seen specially in Winter Sonata where Bae Yoong Joon and Choi Ji Woo were the lead actors.

It's where I watched  the villains are not that bad, that there exist civil conversations, polite talks between the main characters and the antagonist, which is way different from our local dramas. I find this theme more natural and true to life, because, in every human being, there is that good inside and evil doings are only done and conceive by those people who are really desperate and hate the world. This is not how we really are, even though we sometimes succumb to our weakness and get mad or get envious but never do we do evil acts, like what we saw in our everyday telenovela.

Another revelation for me are the songs being used as soundtracks of their dramas. Language is never a barrier for me to understand, appreciates and learn to love a song. And I must say, K-pop is really addicting. The melody and the rhythm are both awesome. Yes! It's what makes them different from some of our local artists who only knew how to revive an old song, how sad. The Korean music  is surely taking Asia and beyond with it's magic of beautiful compositions, original and new. It is not surprising they are active as ever in touring the regions, the neighboring countries just to promote their songs. What's more, the albums are selling real fast   to fans across Asia.

Recently, I purchased two albums of a band named SS501 (double-S-501 or Super Star five men together as one) where the famous Kim Hyun Joong of BOF is a member and called "leader" of the group. May I add that the albums are great, the packaging was nicely done and artistic. The price of course is a bit expensive, but it made up for the whole album. Now, I cherished them as my latest collections.


Just recently, a week to be precise I ordered through the internet another new album which is yet to be released, June 8th in Korea.   As I am blogging all about KHJ (Kim Hyun Joong) it is never a surprise if I became a fan. Hearing and watching the teaser of a track from the album @YT , I know my purchase is worth it.

Waiting for this to be in my hands...soon!:))

Anyway, this fixation I have over "all about Korean dramas and songs" led me to open a place to blog all about my K-favourites. And it is fun! I get to share my thoughts, update people who are also interested and it makes me happy just to talk about them. I think it is a nice way to get rid of all my stress:.))

If you are curious about what I am talking about, just try them. Korean drama or k-pop, whichever, and I guarantee, you will also be addicted just like me!


these thoughts were written a year ago and this answers the questions usually asked by a friend or acquaitance.  because, really, they are wondering why I bother myself with this type of blog. 

and this is my challenge...like what I said above..just try them. no harm will come but maybe you'll find yourselves agreeing to what I am saying.

this is mslee1107...a certified K-addict!


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