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Monday, December 17, 2012

Why King of Dramas is Not The Same as Other K-dramas?

I read this article and I agree on what it says about the drama.

'King of Dramas' Rules Out 3 Problems

'King of Dramas' is being hailed for not having these 3 things:

1. Acting Problems

"King of Dramas" is a project that needs no controversy about the actors. Kim Myung Min is widely recognized as one of the best actors currently and shows that once again. Jung Ryeo Won also is showing very good synchronization with her character and is definitely doing her part in attracting popularity for the drama and for herself.

Choi Siwon is being touted as being 'rediscovered,' with his various portrayals of the out-of-whack actor Kang Hyun Min. Many are being led to believe that this may even be closer to who the real Choi Siwon is because it's such a realistic portrayal.

Oh Ji Eun, who plays top actress Sung Min Ah, is relatively new actress but she's definitely pulling her weight as a part of the love triangle with Anthony Kim.

2. Forced Love Story

Because the drama is about a specialized profession, the production has managed to carry this integrity thus far and keep the drama about the arduous process of creating a drama until this point, the half point of the drama. Recently, the love stories have been taking shape and many more fans are asking for more.

Some Korean dramas have been cricitized in the past for forcing love stories that are not necessarily too convincing but "King of Dramas" certainly isn't one of them.

3. Ridiculous Plotpoints

"King of Dramas" also does not have the more extreme plotpoints that are often used to entice the viewers' curiosity and is definitely not sensational. The drama is realistic and true to life so it's definitely attracting a fanbase of entertainment and media professionals.

One insider said, "We're being told that the industry people really love this drama. We hope to continue to make a high quality drama that doesn't fall under the expectations of the viewers."

The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday.

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