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Saturday, May 12, 2012

[with photos] Detailed Accounts : KHJ Hongkong Fan Meeting 120512 Updates

The following updates were taken from , who is unselfishly tweeting  right now @ the venue.

Photos will follow at the bottom. Credits to @khjean14, @khjthailand...and some as tagged as the rightful owner of the photos.

Thank you for sharing...

Hehehe...finally made it in. Lucky not late. ^_^

It seems like the cranes project made it to HK too! Sweet!

ㅋㅋㅋMC just remind ppl not to take pics and videos and etc...and fans screamed. ㅋㅋㅋ warming up I guess.

Lights darkened, and another bout of scream! LoL

Fans screaming Kim Hyun Joong's name now...

Practicing the sea of green... ^_^


Calmed down somewhat again...just everyone getting their light sticks out, taking pics...and erm tweet. LoL

Getting more and more excited...screams!!! Starting!!!


The King is onstage!!!


Really love the videos even though watching for a second time. Gives us a special glimpse into HJ's 4D world. ^^


Love the cheering crowd here too!! XD 


KHJ says hello! Hehehe... Talk time! "Maybe it's coz HK has given me lots of awards so coming here I was really happy and anticipating.."

"Hope you all will have a happy and enjoyable 2 hours with me" - KHJ... And the nxt song is to show what he feels for fans. It's Komapta! ^^

I will never look any giant white fluffy bear the same way again! Jealous! Hehehe... Kiss Kiss is on! ❤

He is coming down to join the fans again!!!! Oh my heart!!! ❤❤❤

OMG!! hJ gave her a flying kiss too!!! Girls on the sides all thumping feet in jealousy and envy!!! LoL

LoL..HJ revealed that whn he was singing Happiness earlier, thr was a technical prob + the sound system died off a bit. (cont)

But the huge cheers from the crowd eased his nervousness at that moment. LoL

Smile!!! Are u smiling now?? ^_^

Crowd likes half half..tough and gentle image. Hahaha..HJ said that would be like Jebal. He will try to appear in such styles more often.

Fans all want to know what HJ did or went yesterday! LoL...they are guessing it's Lan Kwai Fong. Hahaha

HJ pretended not to und what they were saying at 1st. Then he said yes LKF is a good place and asked if he goes will fan go? LoL

Lucky draw...from ticket stubs! Hehehe...there'll be 5 lucky fans to play games...

X + O game session with the audience.... Kekekeke Diff from SG FM

Whoops I mean the 5 lucky fans. Not us audience. LoL

HJ so notty! His hints might be misleading fans too. LoL...

"HJ looks at a girl's eyes 1st whn he meets a girl." X or O?

HJ said its not the eyes, it's up to us to imagine which part he would look at first. Maybe it's her nails, maybe her hair, maybe sth else!

To choose final winner, HJ said he was previously photographed by the media at LKF with some frens. Was it more than 5 or less than 5 ppl?

Both finalists chose less than 5. And HJ said "u all really paid attention to that piece of news eh"..RoFL

Final challenge, to choose the winner. Guess HJ's baseball poses + follow! Hehehe...

The final winner, an SG fan,got brought backstage for her mystery gift!!! OmG!!!!

OmG....me wants to be her... >,<

Special dance stage!!! Soooo HOT!!!!

Always feel so touched whenever I watch the video on his FM preparations...no we won't forget who you are, Kim Hyun Joong-ssi...❤

"It seemed like I had to wait a long time for tonite but 2hours flew by so quickly and I felt very happy...last song, for all of u." - KHJ

It's my favourite...."If you feel the same" OST... (if you're like me"... ❤

[inserted this photos:last song...]
cre as tagged

@OnlyKHJtimes continues...

U:zoosin walks the "earth" again!!! 


Oh!!!! The water guns are out!!!

Omo, the hot and sexy guy is getting drenched wet too!!!


[photo inserted:  @kimhyunjoongthailand]


Not enough!!! Want more! HJ leads his crew to give thanks!


The end!!!! Now is hi5 session...waiting for HJ to come out now.

Next stop, Taiwan FM on 18 + 19! Are you ready?!!! "3, 2, 1...Let's Go!!!!" Cya there! ^_^

Many many fans waiting for HJ to come out after the hi-5...

Just ended! HJ finished the hi-5, stepped out to wave goodbye and then went back in. Screams throughout the hall!

@OnlyKHJtimes signing off...






Song list

1. Let Me Go 2. Breakdown 3. Please 4. Thank you 5. Happiness 6. Kiss Kiss 7. I am your man 8. Smile 9. Because I am Stupid  10. Marry You 11. Do You Like That 12. Lucky Guy 
13.if you're like me

ending photos
as tagged

HJ had fun...that's for sure...just by looking at these photos....


the lucky fan...as tagged


cre: IS_Hyun0606

bobo and hug!!!
a very lucky fan!!!

mslee laughed at this interesting conversation between the MC and HJ shared by:

MC : When at different ages, will look at girls at different body parts. u are 26 now, do you still look at eyes first?
KHJ : said yes first, then switched to no. laughingly said : where do i look at, you all go ahead and guess! hahahaha'

Lucky Guy


cre: Magic Yin

Interview Session


laughing so happily


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