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Friday, May 11, 2012

Jung Yong Hwa of CN BLUE "Outstanding genes" acknowledged by professional

cre: hancinema

CN Blue Jeong Yong-hwa has been chosen as the person with the best looking genes.
He was chosen as the 'Best Looking Genes' by cable channel ETN "Entertainment Station".
Having been famous for his good looking pictures online before his debut, Jeong Yong-hwa has theability to swoon fans with his soft features.
He was also once called, 'Milky Boy' as he played the dependant role of a man who protected his woman in the drama "You Are So Beautiful".
A professional who appeared on the TV program "Entertainment Station" on this day highly reviewedJeong Yong-hwa about his perfect balance of chin, features and overall facial form.
This professional said, "Jeong Yong-hwa has a good balance of the lower part of the face and has the perfect proportion".
Source : tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read... ( English )

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