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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hyun Bin Takes a Break from the Marine May 2012

Hyun Bin enjoys his time off from the Marine Corps

Actor and marine Hyun Bin enjoyed a sweet time-off from the military life in Seoul.

Hyun Bin is on vacation for ten days and nine nights thanks to corporal holidays after his promotion, and seems to be spending his time with his friends during his break.

One place that Dispatch saw Hyun Bin hanging out at was a terrace at Apgujeong. On the first day of his break, he met his acting mentor Kang Gun Taek, and the two shared an enjoyable time exchanging stories with each other.

Hyun Bin’s agency AM Entertainment commented, “He is on vacation for the corporal holiday for the beginning of this month. He is meeting up with his friends and enjoying his break. After meeting up with his friends, he is planning on spending the rest of his time with his family. As he is still in the military, he doesn’t have any special schedules in particular planned.”

Hyun Bin entered the Marine Corps last year in March, and is scheduled to be discharged on December 6th.


via allkpop.com/2012/05/hyun-bin-enjoys-his-time-off-from-the-marine-corps

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