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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Updating Photos of Jung So Min.. The Transformation from the Girl I Knew as Oh Ha Ni to being Beautiful and Sexy

I missed Oh Ha Ni! One of my favorite character ever played in a k-drama. The perseverance of a young female to be a better person for the one she loves. That's Oh Ha Ni, always trying and reinventing herself despite the difficulties she faced.

Though I have seen some photos of her in the past portraying her already as the beautiful and innocent young woman that she was, still her image as Oh Ha Ni kept lingering in my mind. She was tasteful when it comes to her wardrobe. I have always liked her preference and it has always been sophisticated and elegant.

But after Playful Kiss, there was this transformation in her that can not be ignored. And I was glad that it was for the better. She carried herself very well.

Now, seeing her recent photos in a magazine, Ceci, I was delighted even more to see her in a new look. She has become more beautiful, sexy and full of charisma. Her innocent look stayed despite what the photos wanted to make her. It is alluring to those who see them. I see her that way.

cre: naver news + simplysomin + soompi.com

See what I mean? She is blossoming more as a young modern woman but the innocence stayed. How did she do that? I know, because she is pure and true as a person. Also a warm person which we already know when she acknowledged her fans effort and appreciated them.

On the other updates, some cute photos of her in her sitcom STAND BY which I haven't got time yet to watch. Yeah! Still finding that time.:))

Then there are still photos of her that depicts her cuteness. A happy face that's so endearing. Love her style here, with that casual look, student look and that "a bit messy hair"/loose ponytail of hers are really becoming.

Well here are the photos, from simplysomin.blogspot.com. 
source: http://blog.naver.com/pinkraincom
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For now, these are my updates about our lovely Jung So Min who became the very popular Oh Ha Ni of Playful Kiss.:))