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Thursday, May 2, 2013

When A Man Loves Ep 9 Screencaps + mslee's thoughts

As I watch the live streaming earlier, these thoughts came to mind.

1. I really don't wanna hate SJ..but...  she's giving me a headache just now.
The scenes where SJ intruded TS and MD lunch date. before that, she went to TS place and brought him food, acting a girlfriend once again.

2. omg!  I'm afraid she might wear those shoes... pls NO!!!
This was when JH went to the bookstore, wrote something on the chalkboard and left the shoes he bought for MD. JH is making me want to yell at him. Why does he continue this acts when he knows about TS and MD? and that he was rejected multiple times already. He might find MD confused or sometimes attracted to him, still, he should respect her decision.

3. I'm biting my nails here can't understand the argument between my OTP. why is TS getting angry??? 
This scene was when TS and MD talked in the office building at the stairway, not noticing that JH was there at the top, [he did not know they would be there]. MD told TS about SJ. She doesn't like how SJ and TS are still close. TS loose her control/cool on MD and in an angry tone yelled at her. He was trying to explain about SJ, but MD was not convinced. What I noticed is that she was not afraid of TS even though he was angry. She talked back at him. Actually, I am waiting for that moment where TS will loose his cool towards MD. In this way, at least, both will be aware of how each can affect one another.

4. And I was deprived of my most awaited couch scene! then TS and MD had an argument over something I don't understand, then TS saw MD and JH together. I'm really anticipating misunderstanding but pls... give more TS/MD sweet and memorable moments to ponder after they go separate ways, PDnim. They need them especially MD to realize her love for TS.
This scene was at the end, when MD left her diary in a bus and decided to seek for it amidst the lateness of the hour. TS saw her went inside a cab and followed her. JH at the same time had thoughts of looking for that diary. They bumped into each other not knowing TS was around and he learned and saw them together. Tomorrow will answer my question if TS will reveal himself or let them go without knowing he was also there.

5. SJ knows she intimidates MD, that's why she keeps on clinging to TS. She's much more mature and compare to her MD is the naive one. She's relying on her long friendship with TS. Even though TS made it clear that he is not interested, still he pity her somehow. Men are like that. They can't be too cruel to someone who gives continuous affection towards them unless he is a cold, ruthless guy. But I know TS is not even though sometimes, there is that unknown "dark" side of him. And seeing the preview, whatever MD feels for TS, which is not yet that deep, insecurities will surface. If only there's no JH waiting at her side, I think with MD's personality, she can give SJ a good match but as her feelings are still not clear, then a little jealousy, doubt and insecurity will tumble all that has been built in their relationship.

I hate SJ for doing this. She can loose with decency but obsession is clouding her mind. As for JH, well..I hope he would fight for MD fair and square. I'm ok with that. I am ok if he will confront TS and tell him what he truly feels. In this way, there's no backstabbing. 

6. Alhough I want / like to hate MD, still, I see that in the story, she will suffer the most. And sometimes that "forbidden" that keeps beckoning her seems like what she wants, but the truth is when finally she gets it she'd realize she was mistaken after all. She's human and young, so i can forgive her actions. She can't be in the same league as SJ who even though a smart woman, in order to disobey her father attached herself to the mob boss. I'm not judging but her character is not flawless. Compare to MD, she is doing all for her family. 

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