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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Miss You - Updating My Thoughts : Will I Get to See Jung Woo and Soo Yeon When Snow Falls Again Next Winter?

I Miss You is in it's final 2 episodes. The climax is building. My anticipation is making me restless. Will I have a happy ending or will the writer give me reasons to cry even if the series is long wrapped up? 

The image of the prologue on episode 17 still lingers in my mind clearly. Jung Woo is running, perhaps after Soo Yeon, then the last part which makes me sad was seeing him lying on an abandoned place, perhaps a warehouse, alone, tears rolling down his face and a wound, a shot on his temple.

I am wondering where the writer would take me? Is this going to be the final scene for Jung Woo? What about my happy ending? The I MISS YOU part? 

Now, if I believe that this is going to be the ending, then the anticipation will really turn sour. Just my thoughts. But there are still 2 episodes and the writer can think of many scenes yet and how the ending should be. Is her mind set already? I hope not. I have watched and waited earnestly every week for the development of this drama. Though I am very thankful for the romantic scenes so far, the hugging and the kisses. They sure gave me a reason to be hopeful and to be addicted not only to the drama but to the characters, Soo yeon and Jung Woo, and also to the real persons, PYC and YEH.:))

I want to give credit to the writer for the character of Harry aka Kang Hyung Jun. Though there is still something amiss, and puzzling regarding the relationship of Harry and Han Tae Jun, I know it will be revealed in the next episode. Harry's character is complicated. It borders on being emotionally damaged and psychologically ill person. His past gave him weakness instead of positivity in life. He lives to take revenge. There was never any guilt on his part about what he has done to Detective Kim. And I wonder if the life he led with Nurse Jung was not as his mother hoped for. His passion is to put every one in pain, like what he had and still suffering. As a viewer, I think that he is holding on to Soo Yeon not because he loves her, but because he needed someone to care for him. And he found it in Soo Yeon. Her feeling of betrayal then, he fed on it. To make her believe that they were abandoned, not just him alone.

And now, it seemed that Harry aka Hyung Jun has [multi] personality disorder. He sees himself, talks to himself. And this is scary. Really! The writer has made him crazy and as a viewer, there's no turning back. He can't redeem himself now. It would be unbelievable if suddenly he overcome his weakness. Because before he can do it, he needs medical attention first.

Now back to Jung Woo and Soo Yeon. Before, my mind was thinking...yeah, yeah, either of these two will die in the end. Just like the scene where Soo Yeon was walking beside Harry and then she disappeared, like the wind.

But then, in episode  18, I was hopeful once again. Jung Woo asked Soo Yeon what she will do on the first day of snow. Remember that they have not had any opportunity yet to spend the first snow together since 14 years ago. And I wonder why the writer keeps on writing these lines if there will be no opportunity to have it together. It would be meaningless to always wonder about these things that will never happen. So I think that since winter has already came now, Jung Woo and Soo Yeon will look forward to next winter when first day of snow comes, together. It's like symbolism. After the storm comes the sun. In this story, the writer perhaps loves winter. 

I don't mind if the story leap to another year as long as they are living happily together. I want Jung Woo to realize his dream. His 6 children and some more.:))

This scene is so heartwarming, how Jung Woo describes what every man's contentment. Let him realize and feel his dream. Jebal Pdnim...writer...this is so good I have to see it for myself. 

I am still hopeful and positive that all will end beautifully. After all the hurt and pains, they deserve a happy ending. A romantic ending.

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