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Monday, January 14, 2013

[fanvid] Minho and Sulli: My MinSul - Now and Then

Mslee is once again in the mood for making fanvids. Though it really takes a lot of time, I just put together all my shared photos from here, [my blog] and add a favorite song which is very catchy and ...tada! A new fanvid for my MinSul moments! Nothing extra ordinary about the video, just a compilation of photos and my favorite BTS of To The Beautiful You which capture their closeness. That's where started my fixation to these two adorable kids, Minho and Sulli.

Well, would like to say thanks to all the owner of the photos and the fancam and of course, some are my own screencaps. 

Hope you like it especially with the beautiful song as background. 

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MinSul - Now and Then


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