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Friday, January 18, 2013

Finale Screencaps - I MISS YOU Episode 21

I would like to say that I am very happy at the ending of I MISS YOU. The writer gave us what we hoped for, a happy ending for our OTP, JUNG WOO and SOO YEON.

First, the wedding scene, simple yet cute. Will share these before the intense scene at the warehouse where my heart kept on beating nervously last night.

The snow falls...
And it answered my question, what will JW and SY would do the first day of snow?

Okay... the following scenes were the most intense and dramatic part of the episode.

Some caps were not clear for the  streaming sites kept on lagging and crashing. Watching in between 2 sites last night.:))

10 months later...

Crazy Rabbit is back!!! Oh, I missed him, his tough yet cute character!

Jung Woo and his extended family...:)) the fashionistas!!!

look at the hair... all wearing clothe's peg...

with his dad...

and the heartbreaking scene...Harry is alive but...

there are still scenes, the "what might have been" scenes, where the young JW, SY and HJ met at the playground. Will share them together with my final thoughts on this drama later.

Thanks for taking this journey with me, watching JW and SY's love prevailed and got their happy ending.

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for my final review and some more screencaps...

[episode 21] I MISS YOU - mslee's Final Thoughts

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