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Thursday, February 14, 2013

[ChunHye] For Shippers Only - JYJ's Valentine Message : Reading Between the Lines?

I love this Valentine message of JYJ. It's hilarious and for a shipper like me, my mind wonders again as I read between the lines. Chocolate which was the topic of this cute conversation/play gave another meaning. Could be referring to "someone" else, at the moment.:))

Both YC and Junsu did not try to deny about having tasted or received chocolates, while JJ said he has not received. Poor hyung! The two rascals are happy! And what was that mobile phone doing in YC's hand? Never captured it but it will be seen in the video I posted earlier. Chunsa's saying that this is the first time YC was seen with handphone. I mean, sure he has one but it's a devise he can be without especially during making videos like this.:))

Hmmm....someone texting, YC? He looks so happy here. Always laughing like he used to in alll his videos, but, here I noticed that there was a subtle change. He is more manly, the boyish charm and acts were not the same.

Come on ChunHye shippers! What you think?!

So cute, you guys. Chincha!!!

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