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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[KHJ and JSM] My Oppa/Dongsaeng Couple Both in The Same Place Almost Around The Same Time

It's been what...? 3 Years since Playful Kiss and my OTP keeps on hinting.:)) Got to share what my chingu at the thread posted. I may not be always around but definitely, I'm 101% HyunMin shipper!

Komowo @estanyela for the photos. Hmm, Why didn't I realize the dates when I saw HJ in Busan diving? [scratching my head]

as tagged

MM - Ameblo Update 3/9/13
heading to Busan for my grandpa's 80th birthday~~

sorry for my unpowdered face....^^;;; 

and i took pics with pretty doll from my fan!!! thank you!!!

Kim Hyun Joong Busan Aquarium Shark Dive [13.03.10]


Kim Hyun Joong and GAG, scuba dive with sharks at the Busan Aquarium. 

Credit: @SakuraDream501

MM on 3/9 and HJ on 3/10 Both were in Busan around that time!!

mslee's on shipping mode here...

130309 MinMin on her way.
130310 HJ diving

Guess she went ahead but stayed for next day's activity of HJ.:)) and oh, that's a Peruvian doll she's holding...hmmm...HJ was at Peru just recently!

for shippers only! 

based on events and dates...not stating my conclusions are facts but to a shipper's mind, these are enough to continue spazzing and sailing.

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