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Monday, March 18, 2013

That Winter, The Wind Blows - My Thoughts and Review Part 2


Two souls, one who is trying to live and one who wants to die. Fate has decided to make these two meet in a very strange, unexpected and peculiar circumstances. One has motive, the other one seemingly naive, but not.

Oh Soo, the con man, the gambler, decided to borrow the PL group's only son identity. The real one already passed away a year ago. When lawyer Jang found him, he pretended to be the long lost brother to Oh Young, the blind heiress of the PL Group Co. 

It was not easy to convince the people around Oh Young, least of all Secretary Wang, who is her legal guardian and nanny all in one. There's also the fiance', Lee Myung Ho, who is doing investigation on Oh Soo.  But Oh Soo was prepared. He came in the house with all the necessary documents with the help of Hee Sun and Jin Sung. And day by day, Oh Soo is winning Oh Young's trust. 

As the story goes, I was intrigued by this Moo Chul guy, who keeps on pestering Oh Soo. He always threatened him that he will kill him if he won't pay the money Jin So Ra stole from her sugar daddy. I know why Moo Chul has a grudge on Oh Soo. They loved the same woman, only she chose Oh Soo. But in the end, she died because of vehicular accident. Both Hee Sun [sister] and Moo Chul put the blame on Oh Soo. Still blaming him after all these years. The guilt never left Oh Soo, that's why even though he is living, he is living not because it's a choice, but he's still breathing. 

There are still many unanswered questions regarding the true identity of Secretary Wang. Does she really cares for Oh Young? Or is she the evil one? She is like a control freak over Oh Young. And I was thinking, is this her revenge for not being the legit wife of the chairman? But she knew the chairman left her nothing, still she stays. To live a comfortable life? 

In episode 11 Sec Wang realized something when she looked at Oh Soo's record at the orphanage, while remembering the scar on Oh Soo's chest. She tells Lawyer Jang let Oh Soo go to OhYoung's room, the boy is in love with her. She knew that So Ra will help Oh Soo with his money problem, so he need not get that from OhYoung, yet he stays.

One of the highlights of the drama so far was when Oh Soo begged Moo Chul to let his noona doctor operate on Oh Young. Oh Soo cried while begging his nemesis. By this time, he is in love with Oh Young and it does not matter if he does not get the money, all he wants is for Oh Young to be cured and to live longer, if possible, to see again.

Moo Chul, now I understand you. After ep 11, I see what's inside your heart. I am right that behind the scary facade lies a hurting heart. I don't think you will really kill Oh Soo.  You understood OhSoo. With your remaining days, I hope you will do the right thing.

Am still waiting for that moment when Oh Young will finally realize that Oh Soo is not her real brother. It should be a "must see" moment. People around Oh Young already doubt Oh Soo's identity, they continue to investigate, but I hope that Lawyer Jang will see beyond Oh Soo's initial motive and realize that he is the only one who really cared about Oh Young, even though he came late. He made her laugh and enjoy her life for the first time. He even persuade Oh Young to undergo surgery. Lawyer Jang saw these changes in Oh Young, so I think he will be supportive [I hope] if truth will come out. After all Oh Soo hasn't done anything to hurt Oh Young.


I was skeptical at the beginning of watching this drama, but I admit, now I am hooked. Loving the story line, even though I am anticipating a sad ending. But, maybe the writer would be nice to us viewers for supporting the drama that she'll feel it would be a total waste if she break our hearts. Besides, it would be unfair to Oh Soo who became a better man, who decided he wants to live despite his past and hardships, because he met this beautiful woman who makes it through day by day even though she is blind. Fate decided to let these two people who have so many angst and sufferings in life be together. I guess there must be something good that will come out on this chanced meeting. To heal their hearts, to learn to trust again and to feel the love they were once deprived of. 


Writernim, please, let there be a second chance for these two souls. They deserve to be happy together. They brought hope to each other. They learned how to laugh. Learned how to look forward to tomorrow. Just waking up besides each other becomes a simple joy to both of them.


In the midst of all lies, the charade became useless. Both are falling in love with each other.


 Oh Soo struggling within himself, but his heart won. Love his facial expression here, he is definitely in love with Oh Young and time is running out for both of them.

this is mslee1107 writing 

please bear with my random thoughts tonight.:))

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