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Sunday, March 25, 2012

[KHJ] non-fan praises are always daebak! - a fan account

Thanks to a certain visitor here at my page for leaving the link and commenting that this fan account was interesting. I, then opened the link and read.

non-fan praises are always daebak!

Just saw this comment on baidu, decided to translate it ^^ Having seen Hyun Joong in the flesh before, I can reawi see the below scene in my head. And every time non-fans praise Hyun Joong, it makes the mummy-fan in me very happy ^^v
“@Gelzo: Korean fans are really fortunate!! They were walking right next to Hyun Joong, and he also stopped to take their gifts. When he was on the escalator, he also waved to fans. There was a korean fan who said to him, ‘Have a safe trip back’ and he said, ‘Yes’ ^^ Next to his ahjusshi bodyguard, he looks so slim ^_~
There was a young couple with their child, after Hyun Joong went into the departure hall, the mum said, ‘He’s handsome isn’t he’, and the dad with a look of envy said, “Handsome, really handsome!” ^o^
(via baidu forum 小孤单小情绪,twitter @Gelzo)
He just reached Shanghai a few hours ago to perform at tonight’s fashion show. The great thing is, the turnout at the airport to receive him was amazing, but the crowd crush when he appeared was crazy -apparently the huge crowd surged forward and it was pretty chaotic, he was pushed and jostled and groped and people were stepped on etc, someone on Baidu also said that they even heard a korean lady on his team swear because of the chaos… I do hope everyone didn’t get any scratches or wounds…..
(via baidu forum, weibo.com/u/2426061280, @丹尼616)
a vid of the chaos that descended when he arrived….. *note, remember to turn the volume down before you press play, you don’t want the neighbours to think you’re murdering someone LOL!

Anyhoo, since I’m in translating mode, I thought I should also translate these comments by…….. male Hyun Joong fans!!!!
Yeah, uh-huh, the boy has male fans, woot~!!
There was a brave male soul who decided to open a thread on baidu forum declaring his liking for Hyun Joong (in a purely heterosexual way, of course! -> erm, i hope!!!!! kkkk). Then, another male fan jumped in to also state how he started liking Hyun Joong, and why.
*note: Male fan 善解多愁兮 who started this thread will be called MF1 (male fan 1); Male fan 叠水河才子 who also started commenting will be called MF2 (male fan 2), third male fan 无尽的休止符の. There were a lot of comments from other female fans, but since there are 5 pages worth of comments (!), I’ll just translate the male fans’ comments, and some female fans’ comments.
MF1: “A pretty face but with a kind heart, always helping others, straightforward, unpretentious”
MF1 uploaded a photo of Hyun Joong with a bare upper torso. A female fan 冷云小乖 commented: “Wow, male fans also like this kind of thing?”
MF1: “I think his bod is not bad, different people have different opinions, but this is what most males’ ideal bod is. Not outrageously muscled, a very healthy physique”
MF1: “I didn’t know him at first, it was my girlfriend who likes him a lot. To try to understand her I also went to find out more about him, (I) thought (he’s) good, I like his character a lot, very manly”
A female fan called 忆如往馨: “Same with me, because I like (Hyun Joong) so much, my boyfriend has also become a fan”
MF1: “My girlfriend likes him, after I know about him now I understand it, I feel very embarrassed now, back to submarine mode (<- internet speak 潜水党: someone who does not post on forums and just reads).
Male fans tend to be in submarine mode, mostly just read posts but don’t leave comments”
A female fan called : “Male fans (of Hyun Joong) are national treasures!” (le countess bobo speaks: hahaha, i love that phrase, “national treasures”, oh yeah~!)
MF1: “For my girlfriend, I gave up my favourite (online game) Warcraft, for my girlfriend I started to try and find out more about Hyun Joong, and slowly I became one of those people who search Hyun Joong on Baidu”
MF2: “I’m also a male fan, I prefer We Got Married, going back to submarine mode”
MF1: “Ah finally I’ve waited for another male fan to appear”
A female fan called dansontine: “As long as you like Hyun Joong, no matter if you’re male or female, you have good taste”
male fan called 无尽的休止符の: “You have the same opinion as me, I’m a young male fan here to show some support”
MF1: “I guess I’m considered an old male fan (nowadays, if you’re in your 20s it’s considered old I guess?), can’t keep up with young people. I saw a thread before that showed a lot of fans on baidu forum are within 10-20 yrs old, I’m 22 yrs old”(le countess bobo speaks: that’s CRAZY talk!!! where does that leave me????!! keke ^_~)
MF2: “Females who like (Hyun Joong) do so probably out of love, for males it’s probably more of admiration,  (I) like his personality the best, he’s unpretentious. Other celebrities seem to wear a mask all the time (expletive) aren’t they tired, makes me disgusted and bile forming in throat……. He seemed to showcase his true personality in “We got married”, (I) watched it many times”
MF1: “Totally agree, it’s that unpretentiousness that’s his biggest merit, you put it well”
MF1: “The pic (of Hyun Joong) is from my girlfriend, she said it was a good pic, haha”
A female fan 就爱吃贤饭: “The biggest male fan in this forum is called 睇贤, been a fan for about 3 years, and he quietly provides photos and information daily” (le countess bobo speaks: Uwaaah! I see 睇贤’s posts regularly, but i had NO clue he was male!! *metaphorical spectacles falling off in huge surprise*)
A female fan called 贤様様: “Definitely, when male fans appear, everyone gathers around! I’m also coming to join in the fun!”
MF2: “I’m also being watched? (in chinese internet speak: 围观)”
MF2: “I’m going to go and sleep”
A female fan called abxhw: “When I have a boyfriend next time, I’ll use the right influence to make him a (Hyun Joong) fan too”
A female fan called lunarsun: “I’m so touched to see a male fan, lest to say one that likes his personality as well. Nice, unconditionally observing you! Actually I saw 2 male fans before but they were more on the visual side. It’s a precious thing that you both can see his heart as well!”
MF2: “We are high quality male fans”
A female fan called 不羁的蔻蔻: “There is an 8 yr old male fan (of Hyun Joong), he can memorize all of SS501 and Hyun Joong’s songs (including the Japanese albums), but he has never watched ‘Playful Kiss’ or ‘Boys over Flowers’, he’s a music fan, can be considered a little green pea prince” (*note: one of SS501 fans’ nicknames is “green pea”)
A female fan called 想到你的悸动: “You’re good to your girlfriend. Liking Hyun Joong is the right choice!”
A female fan called budaiyipianyun: “Actually, Hyun Joong’s personality and the way he handles things, all point to his maturity as a man, and sets a standard. So I don’t think it’s embarrassing for males who like him, after all people of the same kind will flock together” <-she was indirectly also complimenting the male fans
MF1: “Hyun Joong is straightforward, with no celebrity trappings, how others are like we can’t control. Hyun Joong’s the best”
MF2: “Just watched a variety show vid the other day, can’t remember the name….. they were asking kids, how did your parents give birth to you??? The kid said that it was a combination of egg and sperm…. and he hoped Hyun Joong could marry his sister….. then a female guest asked, Is that because Hyun Joong has good sperm?? o.O Shocked me that they aired this in a korean variety show, and from a little kid at that……. but it was pretty hilarious”
Yeah, wow I actually spent 3 hours on this bloggie post, what with all the translations and trying to decide which of the 5 pages of comments to include… haha
Well, just to say that my liking for Hyun Joong (and Jeremy Lin!) really stem from the fact that they are kind, manly, straightforward, hardworking, great attitude, not giving up even in the face of adversity, humorous & kinda goofy (and with Jeremy Lin, I love that he’s such a great Christian guy ^^). Glad that there are still such men out there, props!
Let’s keep kindness and sincerity in our hearts and actions towards others too, ‘kie! Be shining beacons of the Lord ^^ Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

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