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Friday, March 30, 2012

[news + photos] Updating - All about Jung So Min in New Sitcom "Stand By"

Will now update Jung So Min's new sitcom Stand By.

ZE:A’s Siwan confirmed for ‘Standby’ sitcom 

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ZE:A‘s Siwan has been confirmed as a cast member of MBC‘s new daily sitcom, ‘Standby‘!

‘Standby’ is just the tentative title for the drama, and the full line-up of actors and actresses have just completed their first script reading together. The drama itself is about a fictional broadcast network called ‘TV11‘, and follows the lives of its staff and employees. Viewers will be able to experience the lives of entertainment industry professionals such as producers, writers, and announcers as they go through love and hardships in a realistic, but comedic light.

Im Siwan’s specific role is a high school student by the same name, who not only has perfect grades, but also handsome looks and talent to boot. Having virtually everything at his will, he acts rather indifferently to everyone around him.

Siwan has been in previous drama endeavors such as MBC’s ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘ and ‘The Equator Man‘. He’s certainly broadening his range of experience from historical to comedy, so the spotlight is certainly on him to see how he’ll fare.

‘Standby’ will begin airing this April. 

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Park Jun Geum - the one who plays "Hyun Bin's mother" in Secret Garden will also act in this sitcom. Confirmed~

Singer Kim Yeon Woo - first time act in a sitcom after 15 year
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LEE KI WOO will have lovelines with Jung So Min in sitcom Stand By
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[News] Jung So Min to comeback in new MBC sitcom
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Actress Jung So Min will be making her comeback through MBC's upcoming sitcom.

According to MBC on March 6th, Jung So Min has been cast in the new sitcom tentatively titled "Standby". She will be playing the role of an independent woman who works part-time jobs in order to become successful.

"I have also had quite an interest in sitcoms and I am really excited to show my fun and unpredictable side through my role," Jung So Min stated.

"Standby will focus on the everyday stories of producers, writers and announcers working at the broadcasting company, TV11. The sitcom is set to air early in April after the current show "High Kick 3" ends its run.

Lee Ki-woo joins Standby to romance Jung So-min cre: dramabeans
Lee Ki-woo has picked his next TV project, and well, that does it; now I’m just going to have to watch Standby, aren’t I? Especially since he’ll be embarking on a bickering romance with Jung So-min, the gullible village girl in the big city. Sweet!

As the latest addition to the MBC sitcom set in a television station, Lee Ki-woo plays a character named Ryu Ki-woo, which means he’s going to be playing Ryu Jin’s younger brother. (When actors are cast as siblings in sitcoms, they’ll often keep their first names and then just adjust the family name to match the elder actor, like Seo Ji-seok did in High Kick 3.)

The character of Ki-woo has an optimistic, sociable nature and is full of good cheer. He’s handsome and charming on the outside, but in actuality he’s a mischievous type, and “has everyone wrapped around his finger.” What, like that’s bad? *Unwraps self momentarily.* I love how both brothers are described as looking cool and perfect, but are all quirky on the inside. (Elder brother Ryu Jin is desperate to make it to the big time as a news anchor and starts on a campaign to advance himself at the station.)

Jung So-min lives downstairs from Ki-woo, and the two will embark on a “cute love story.” Aww, I can’t wait. Standby premieres in April.

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 KIM SOO HYUN-another actress for Stand By
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 script reading
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Jung So Min photos...filming Stand By
Credit from Hyun Min Baidu Bar - http://tieba.baidu.c...1473252302?pn=2

Stand By - Lucky Prayer Ceremony 2012.03.27

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Credit: Nate 
Stand By - JUNG SO MIN and IM SHI WAN have a "lips touch" scene


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