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Monday, March 26, 2012

[photos] Choi Siwon Facebook updates...

cre: Choi Siwon facebook

A few days ago, right? Jaegyun before returning to the base. British actor Daniel Craig looks like a personal fan jaeyoungyi brother Alex Rodriguez in the United States as a great player and brother over for dinner ^ ^ jaegyun season two and a great fighting! 

at Shenzhen airport with Manager :) 

Starting tomorrow, many Chinese families originally tried to think of Shenzhen motgidarigetdeoragoyo ^ ^ Nice to meet you! I've missed you create happy memories ^ ^ 


With the "grand challenges" dinner with the crew ^ ^ although there is no sea, Yihan Chen and other actors, in Shenzhen, but can meet you guys really, really happy! We really like his family, to meet again in the near future ^ ^ Ah! 

Fat tomorrow, all, OH:) 

‎120309-10 SS4 in Macau 

Goodnight ELFs ! 

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