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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Feeding My Fixation to CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa

From time to time, a new K-pop artist will catch my attention and for a while he /she will probably be my most sought out artist in the net. It's so easy to realize this, because my page [blog] will be full of news and photos about him/her for a while.

But of course, there are some who always stayed my top faves among all K-artists.

But recently, Jung Yong Hwa, an actor from Heartstrings and You're Beautiful made an impact on me as a K lover. 

As I said before, his talent which is clear for everyone to see [as an actor, as a vocalist and guitarist of CN Blue] makes him different. The whole package is awesome. With his looks, charisma and raw talent, he will definitely go a long way.

He is the reason why I became interested in CN Blue. 

And listening to their music is all worth it. I don't want to sound as though I favor him among the members...but yes, watching them perform I can see how determine Yong Hwa is to make the audience be in trance while watching them play, especially when he was the one doing the vocals. He sang with so much gusto! It was as if he is playing for the first or maybe the last time. He gave so much of his energy while strumming the guitars and singing. It's great to watch him.

But of course, the rest of the guys get to have credits too for making the group successful. Everyone is good looking, perhaps more handsome than Yong Hwa.:))

Well, before I end my endless ramblings about Yong Hwa, I will share recent photos of him from CN Blue's signing event.

and some more
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new set of photos
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as tagged

departing for E-DA Super Asia Music Festival in Taiwan 2012

with Jong Hyun

He is looking so cool...so casual.
For me, it makes him look so humble.

the boys

This is me, mslee107...feeding my fixation to CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa, for now. [wink!]


  1. hey....seriously...you have done a lot here...i wanted to start my blog and i had been thinking of it lately mostly to put up cnblue stuff...but seeing yours..i dont think i can ever do much..am bit jealous of ur cnblue pics...mainly coz i dont understand Korean and its pure pain to search something in Korean sites even using translators...but i love ur blog ..its too good...only i wish cnblue guys see this...keep going...good luck!!!i love yong hwa's pics and equally the other gifs...its too lovely...please continue sharing more gifs than static pics....

  2. hi! thanks for dropping by. it was because my love for k-dramas that made me put up a blog in the first place. but i started with how I know...and that is to make this my own personal diary. I search the net for news and articles and photos and store them here..putting my own thoughts now and then just to make them a little more personal.

    I don't understand Korean much also only some phrases that are used oftenly by fangirls.:))

    I always lurked @soompi.com..there are tons of news shared there by fans...non Koreans or Koreans who speak English and they share a lot.

    Don't be discourage to put up your own blog. it's personally satisfying at the same time you share common interest with the readers,

    photos and gifs not mine but I always give credit to the owner or from where site they came from. It's all about respect.

    well...I have talked a lot now..hahaha

    keep visiting.