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Thursday, April 26, 2012

[video] OMG! Yong Hwa Giving Flowers to Shin Hye! Updated!

And I'll repeat myself...OMG!!! Yong Hwa went up the stage [running may I add with emphasis] to give a bouquet of flowers to Shin Hye! Do they have a new drama? Anya! I knew that Heartstrings was over since last year and this cute gesture from him makes a fan like me grin like crazy.

It is such a short video but still..very clear and oh so cute! I keep repeating the video to watch the smiles from both their faces and love how Shin Hye received the flowers happily. I think it was unexpected because you could see how serious her face was and not anticipating Yong Hwa.

It was tweeted [they translated] that the MC asked Shin Hye if she and Yong Hwa still has contact. And she replied that they only contacted if they have a new drama together.

Whatever! This means that they have a strong friendship despite lack of communication..or so they seemed to suggest.

Guess I'll be humming You've Fallen for Me again. :))


this short video was subbed in English...Shin Hye mentioning Yong Hwa.

so...does it mean that Shin Hye is expecting more flowers from Yong Hwa next year if not sooner?!!!

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