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Friday, April 27, 2012

Park Shin Hye Tweets...

Still giddy after watching the video last night of Shin Hye on stage @Paeksang's Award 2012 with Yong Hwa running up the stage and surprising Shin Hye with a bouquet of flowers! From my previous post, It was said that Shin Hye told the MC that last year, Yong Hwa also came from behind and handed her flowers like tonight. She hope that he will come from the front the next time he do the same thing.:)) Hmm...perhaps she expects more flowers from Yong Hwa in the future.

Lee Hwi Jae teasing Park Shin Hye about Yong Hwa. :) OMG I can't even...

Even the MC can not help but tease Shin Hye...:))

Anyway, I saw this post about Shin Hye's tweets. 

Park Shin Hye’s twitter ( deleted twit ) : 소중한 기억들이 무너져내려버리는 것 같아 마음 한구석이 아프다. 외로웠던 마음을 채우나 싶었는데 이 또한 쉽지가 않구나.. 조용히 차곡차곡 담아두어야겠다.. 언젠가 풀어볼 수 있게..

“I feel like precious memories are falling apart. A corner of my heart hurts. I wanted to fill my lonely heart but this also wasn’t easy. I have bear in my mind quietly and neatly. As to be able to solve someday..”

Is she experiencing heartache?

Well, I hope that whatever it was..all will be sorted out sooner and she will be okay.

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