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Friday, April 6, 2012

Park Si Hoo Holds Successful Fanmeeting Tour in Japan

source: 2012-04-04 13:39 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Choi, EunHwa http://www.enewsworl...m/enews/conte.. Translation Credit : Erika Kim http://www.enews24.net/ne..

Park Si Hoo held a successful series of tour fanmeetings in Japan.

Park Si Hoo held fanmeetings in Osaka on March 29, in Nagoya on March 31 and in Tokyo on April 3 under the title 2012 Park Si Hoo Fanmeeting Tour in Japan –Propose-.

The day of the Tokyo fanmeeting, April 3, was also Park Si Hoo’s birthday, and so the day’s event included a birthday party. Although the weather was dreary, his fans gathered early to celebrate his birthday and attend his fanmeeting.

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Park Si Hoo even participated in the stage directing for the event, and continued to entertain his fans with song, performances, never-before-seen videos and giveaways. When his fans didn’t seem to want to leave the venue even after the event was over, he stayed behind to thank every one of them.

“I’m honored to have celebrated my birthday with so many people, and I think it’ll be a birthday I’ll never forget. I want to thank the fans who came to see the first fanmeeting in Japan held in a long time, and I’ll make sure I come back with a better role and a better performance,” Park Si Hoo said.

Photo credit: Eyagi Entertainment

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