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Monday, April 2, 2012

[K-POP/K-Artists] Once Addicted...Can't Seem to Stop.

This has been my journey as a K-pop/K-drama/K-artists lover. Have been watching dramas since 2002, a decade ago and for sometime now, I have learned to love the songs and playing them and singing them everyday! ottoke! Once addicted, I can't seem to stop. I am not Korean, but definitely, I came to love the artists and their drama...so much.

Since starting this blog, my addiction increased, not only for Kim Hyun Joong, [who will always be my "all time favorite"] but to so many great singers and actors/actresses. Somehow, I have learned a few words although I do admit that I won't be able to translate a simple sentence easily. Some phrases, perhaps. 

Recently, I keep on playing BIGBANG'S Bad Boy and Blue. I love both songs! Awesome! And of course, T.O.P. is just so good looking [in other words...hot! ] his mere presence across the screen is just great.

Prior to Bad Boy and Blue, it was You've Fallen For Me by Jung Yong Hwa [CN BLUE] which  drained the batteries of my mobile phone. Love the melody and Yong Hwa's voice. Well...he is one cute guy!

Kinda looks like Hyun Joong...but they have their own appeal of course.

A few nights back, I started watching Protect the Boss. I have no idea who are the lead casts...besides Kim Jaejoong. Well, I know that he is a member of JYJ [which unfortunately had been related to a scandal recently regarding sasaeng fans and of course about the passing of the father of a fellow member Yoo Chun] and bestfriend of leader Kim Hyun Joong. Yes! Good looking buddies! With T.O.P.  too.

Anyway, as I was watching the drama...errr, I think it is more of a comedy, because I kept on laughing the whole time, I also found how charismatic Jaejoong was. His eyes are very expressive. His smile is charming and addictive. To summarize, Jaejoong is another artists that captured my interest and make me want to stare at his beautiful face and be lost in thoughts while staring at him. Never mind the translations! Hahahaha! I could always play the parts I missed reading. He is just so handsome! Chongmal!!!

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he sure can act!


got cute dimples...

expressive eyes...

Yah! I did put a lot of Jaejoong pics! [wink!] Well, he is a recent addition to my addiction.

Jaejoong I'll Protect You OST [ENG SUB]

And this page has to be updated regularly! Wow! mslee...you got to have strength! Although time is what I always look for to make this page updated, it's taxing yet fulfilling at the same time. Coz admittedly, I am addicted and can't seem to stop. This is my ultimate vice!

Korean pop, drama and artists really got me!


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