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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[photos+vid] SS501 Reunited in a Wedding! 120403

Wow! News of leader, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun and KyuJong in a wedding today!

Jung Min was not there but it was reported that they [the four boys of SS501] attended B2M's CEO  Gil Jeonghwa's wedding today along with DSP idols! 

I tried google translate and this was what I came to...

 [Newsen Chang Reporter]

Finkl representative giljonghwassi wedding entertainment manager from April 3 18:00Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul was held at the Renaissance Hotel.

Giljonghwassi wedding day, a former member Fin.KL yihyoriokjuhyeon attended tosociety and to sing at each aircraft.

Ask Nicole and Kara hanseungyeon bakgyuri, Rainbow Sunset jeongyunhye Ji Kim, Jae - Kyung ohseungah gowoori johyeonyoungJu Hyun Park Spica support baknaraegimboah gimbohyeongSS501 Kim Kyu Jong Hyung Joon Kim Hyun Joong heoyoungsaengsinseunghun and attended the wedding was celebrated.

Meanwhile, representatives giljonghwassineun 现 B2M EntertainmentFinkl, once served as managerand donggeodongrakhan Fin.KL Fin.KL figure is continuing until now been associated withGiljonghwa about his album as a member of B2M Entertainmentrepresentatives and are still together.

Chang kch9068 @

trans may not be accurate grammatically but the names were there!
Just sad coz there were no pics of leader. It was said that he came while the meal was being served and greeted the newly weds then left right after. [source: ]

the wedding photo

baby hj, ys and kyujong...

the fancam
the boys introduced themselves with...
"Annyeonghaseyo, we are SS501!".


It was said that this was the photo of leader...but others say that this was before he went to Shanghai. Will confirm this one. But this photo was already posted previously in this blog and yes it was on a wedding of a friend. perhaps there was a misunderstanding about the time and date...

more photos...

the boys are looking good and handsome.


cre: KaHye95 


pls click...

they are definitely having a great time!!!

as tagged

cre: @jamson

I was hoping that there will be a photo, even a single one of leader with the boys.    
It would be amazing to see them all again in one event [like this one] ...together like they use to be.

But then, this kind of news, even though there are no photos makes me happy. 

SS501 boys are not boys anymore...they are maturing beautifully and very manly.

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