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Saturday, April 7, 2012

[news+photos] Choi Siwon looking hot in Apgujeong

cre: kpopfever.com

Apgujeong, it’s place a where if lucky you can easily come across a star. In every corner you’ll often encounter entertainers leisurely enjoying their day off. We found Super Junior member Choi Siwon there. There was a certain vibe about him that just drew you in.
It was March 21st. Choi Siwon was spotted at a brunch cafe in Gangnam Apgujeong. Immediately you felt you were at the presence of a star and so I stopped the car and I started clicking on the shutter. As the top visual member of Super Junior his charisma was unlike any other.

The word that would describe Choi Siwon on this day was ‘Chic’. The white v-neck shirt and blue jeans looked very comfortable. He finished the look with a leather jacket. The natural looking outfit combined with a stylish leather jacket, Choi Siwon looked sophisticated.
The accessories accentuated the chic style. The boeing sunglasses was a good match to his neat hairstyle. He added a silver necklace and nothing more, the look was perfect without excessive bling.
Watching him walk the streets was like watching a model walk the runway. He was tall and his legs were long. The broad shoulders were very appealing. His makeup free face was superior than his on-stage face. Choi Siwon waited for the valet to bring his car around.

Choi Siwon looked free. Under broad daylight in the middle of Gangnam he paid no attention to the stares of the people. His face didn’t change even when pedestrians recognized him. He spent his personal time with an indifferent face.
Another thing that caught our eyes was that he was alone. Even the manager wasn’t around. He walked around the streets of Apgujeong without a care in the world. He drove himself around and he freely walked the streets. It looked as though it had been a long while since he was able enjoy a day off.

Choi Siwon has recently wrapped up the filming of the Taiwanese drama ‘Extravagant Challenge’. He is successfully expanding his career as a singer, actor, and a model. We’ll continue to root for Choi Siwon to continue having a successful career and to be loved throughout Asia.

Image+Source: Dispatch via Nate

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