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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Can We Get Married Episode 1 Screencaps and my thoughts

A Jung So Min new drama, Can we Get Married. I only had time to watch it this morning, episodes 1 and 2. Still waiting for episode 3 with English subtitles.

But I will only post screencaps from episode 1 for  now.

I read that the ratings are not good. But again, I won't be deterred by ratings. I will be guided by my own opinion of the drama and how it appeal to my taste. As pilot episode is concern I personally think it was good. The story is fast and entertaining. It tackles everyday life of any individual, the drama inside a family, relationships and friendships. The humor of the story is interesting. I found myself laughing and grinning at some point. I love the characters. They have their own charisma. They have their own story.

It started with Jung Hoon [Sung Joon] proposing to Hye Yoon [Jung So Min]. I thought it was very romantic but it did not end well when the ring which was hidden in the dessert was swallowed by Hye Yoon. It was like the worst moment of any recipient of a a marriage proposal! A good thing they know what to do.

Hye Yoon was not fluttered by that kind of surprise, for it almost kill her.:)) Next scene was inside a hotel room. As they are officially soon to be wed, they decided to be intimate, at last. 

Deul Ja, [Lee Mi Sook]  Hye Yoon's omma is a controlling mother, She wants what's best for her children and will do anything just to get what she wants. But Hye Yoon is not the submissive type. She has her own mind. 

Ki Joong [Kim Yung Kwang], the rich cousin of Jung Hoon who owns a restaurant is seeing Hye Yoon's best friend Dong Bi [Han Groo] They have been dating for five years and Dong Bi suddenly felt envious of Hye Yoon's marriage proposal. But Ki Joong is so unlike Jung Hoon. He does not want commitment. Dong Bi throw a fit but in vain. He did not pursue her. Dong Bi was broken hearted but still in love.

Hye Jin [Jung Ae Yoon] sister of Hye Yoon is married to a rich doctor Dong Hyun [Kang Suk Woo] who originally had a wife but found having an affair with Hye Jin. Of course, Deul Ja made him marry her daughter  after he left  and divorced his first wife. But he remains the philandering husband. I think he does it to get revenge to Hye Jin. I am not sure if he loves her. They have a son.

Then there's Deul Rae [Choi Hwang Joong] who is Deul Ja's sister. She is single. But I find her cute and full of charisma despite her age. I think that she will soon fall in love.:))

Well, will continue my thoughts next time. 

Some screencaps...







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  1. thanks mslee for posting the screencaps of can we get marry. i watched the drama without eng. sub.i really love minmin, thats why i watched her drama even don't understand what they're talking... good luck amd god bless to all !!!