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Monday, December 10, 2012

Can We Get Married? - Updating my Thoughts

I haven't been posting screen caps and sharing my thoughts about the drama for a couple of weeks now. But, I have watched 4 episodes back to back just the other day. 

This series is a bit different from other k-dramas that I already watched. The story is common, but how they present it to the viewers is a little bit new as far as my opinion is concerned. I want to give credit to the writer of the story because it gives me insight to what and how a wedding preparation is like in Korea. Very different here in my country. The traditions of giving wedding gifts is different. This is the first time I have watched a series that truly tackles about this certain aspect of how a couple prepare after being engaged. It seems that all the details about the wedding is being monitored not only by the couple concerned but by the parents of both parties. Jung So Min as Hye Yoon portrays a young mature woman and Sung Joon as Jung Hoon also as a young working man but both still living with parents. They are both in their late twenties, as the story tells and somehow I am surprised that they are not independent in making decisions for their own wedding.

This is the dilemma of our couple here. They do love each other, but how they handle their choices are taking its toll on their relationship. Their social status is one of the reasons why making decisions is not working for both of them. Hye Yoon who grew up with a single parent, a tough mother who will do everything in her power to give the best for her children is often times misunderstood. She was mistakenly looked as a mother who is only after money. But after watching episode 9, I now fully understand her. It is tough to live in this world on pure love alone. Love should be sustained with all things essential to live in comfort.

Sometimes I want to stop already watching the series because the problems keep on surfacing between our main couple.  After solving one, another comes up which is very depressing for me. Then there is Hye Jin divorcing his husband Do Hyun who has a mistress and still keeps her even though his wife found out. It's painful to watch a marriage being torn apart by infidelity and then when talking of separation, money will be the main focus of the problem. It lessen the gravity of Do Hyun's infidelity but rather it focus on Hye Jin as an incompetent wife who lives a comfortable life provided by her husband. I cry when I see real pain of a woman trying to move forward and securing her son. A helpless woman who acknowledged her fault from the time she entered Do Hyun's life as a mistress thus ruining his first marriage.

So ironic that this is what's happening to Hye Yoon's sister while she is preparing to enter matrimony. And I had a glimpse of how society is especially if one comes from an affluent family. The rich looked down on people or family like that of Hye Yoon, who has a sister soon to be divorced. I always thought that what matters is the person your child is marrying. Because separation or divorce is something not planned. It is fate.  You can't foresee something like this.

But then there is Minho and Deul Rae who makes me laugh and feel positive about love. There is no season nor age for love. It can come anytime, sometimes unexpected moments . I like their scenes. Cute and fun. It tells viewers that all in love are childlike in their own way. These couple are matured but they handled their feelings very well. They started as two people always bickering at each other but then they acknowledged their feelings soon. And they are taking chances with each other. Two souls that may have been wounded in the past but decided to give themselves another chance to be happy. Plain and simple happy.

One of the characters that I like and felt intrigue is Dong Bi's. I'm not sure what episode revealed that she comes from a rich family. I forgot.:) She is kinda mysterious. I thought she loves Ki Joong so much but her friendship with Jung Hoon turned into something much more or so she thought. She said that she loves Jung hoon now to Ki Joong. Is she telling the truth or is she only hurting Ki Joong for what he has done to her, for betraying her and becoming engaged to someone else. He is ready to enter a loveless marriage just so to fulfill his duty as a son. A business arrangement that will benefit the two family. And this hurts Dong Bi.

Can We Get Married is a drama that takes a viewer to magnify different kinds of relationships and how to deal with every single of them. It is very realistic and deals with everyday life and nuances.

Can We Get Married will teach our lead couple to survive and hold on to their love for each other. A journey that may take long, painful though but in the end, the question will surely be answered when the right time comes. 

In the end I hope as a viewer to see a reunited couple, Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon, Do Hyun and Hye Jin, Dong Bi and Ki Joong happy. All their issues gone. 

As for Minho and  Deul Rae, I want more cute scenes. More happy moments to put a positive light about relationships and marriage.

this is mslee1107 writing her thoughts for episodes 9-12

mianhe...I did not make screencaps...:))

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