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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Currently Addicted to I MISS YOU - Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye Tandem

I have always been a fan of YEH. In fact, whenever there's news about her or new photos, I share it here. She is one of the best actress in K-Drama. I have watched her since GOONG. And when I read that she is filming I Miss You, definitely, I was so excited. It's like I have been waiting for this drama of her since LIE TO ME. She is just so beautiful and natural.

With regards to Park Yoo Chun, though I know him as a JYJ member because of Kim Jaejoong who happens to be friends with Kim Hyun Joong [my ultimate k-pop singer/entertainer bias]. I sometimes see some news about him but I am more attracted to Jaejoong. Well, who isn't? But I have read that he is a good actor and his previous drama, THE ROOFTOP PRINCE, is a hit.  But I never had the chance to see it then.

Reading the news that I MISS YOU will be a drama of both YEH and YooChun, I am kind of excited. I'm curious about them being the lead star and how their chemistry will be. So happy that the teasers were beautiful and mysterious at the same time. It showed part of the plot of the drama and how it will go. As a K-Drama addict, I am very positive that YEH will fulfill her character very well. Also, this is the first time I will watch her in this kind of role. The story is intriguing. The love triangle will be something to look forward to.

Watching the pilot episode, I was hooked! Even though they were not yet in the screen, for the story started when the lead characters were young, still it left a lasting impression and a feeling of anticipation for the next episodes. I cried though...a lot! Chincha! Then when Yoo Chun was already in the story, wow, I was amazed at how good he is as Han Jung Woo. He is such a brilliant actor. His facial expressions and raw feelings are reaching out to me through the screen. I am feeling his character so much. And then YEH was there and the chemistry is daebak! Chongmal, chongmal daebak!

I want them to stay together at the screen. Just the two of them. Their faces and their look towards each other convey all of what the story wants to tell. Even though Yoo Seung Ho is also there and I must recognize his caliber as an actor, too and how handsome and young he is, still, my eyes want to see and watch Yoo Chun with YEH. This is how addicted I am to the drama.

Hence, I search previous dramas of Yoo Chun and yes, I marathon watched them while waiting for the next episodes of I MISS YOU. Done watching 2 of his dramas. He is really a great actor even when he first started. And his cuteness just stayed with me. But here in I MISS YOU, he exudes strong character yet childlike at the same time. His manly appeal made this noona a bit crazy.:))

Aww! Another addition to my long list of K-artists.

Well, I found some photos of him and YEH and of course will share them here. To keep me spazzing over this two and to feast my eyes on Yoo Chun. Of course, with so many screen caps I already made and posted here before, these are just additional.

Photos not mine, credit to the owner... I MISS YOU page @facebook.com

handsome Yoo Chun as Jung Woo...

I love staring at these two...

How I love these set of photos. They are both laughing and having fun. Which is exactly opposite in the drama.

and my screen caps...

See? They are just so beautiful to look at. I am really glad they paired fort his awesome drama.

Well, this is mslee1107 writing and grinning at the same time.:))

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