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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Episode 12 - King of Dramas Screen caps Update

What more can I say? I really love this drama. With a bit of humor and drama and suspense all rolled into one. Choi Siwon's character Kang Hyun Min is cute, always annoying Sung Min Ah and making her pissed off by just his presence. He was just so naughty. Love the part of the kiss scene. Just to get even with her for the many NG's she did, slapping him for so many times, he ate garlic just before the kiss scene!!!
lol! I think these two should end up together. 

As for our lead characters, Go Eun and Anthony aka Kim Bong Dal, the tension is there and slightly increasing. She could not sleep after the little incident in Anthony's bedroom when he asked her what she thinks of him as man while in a compromising situation. She was almost on top of him.

She was so confused she even dreamed of him kissing her!

Okay, for the screen caps..I made some.

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