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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Live streaming sucks so I relied on tweets by @IMissYou_Drama. Okay...calm down I am so excited, I missed almost an hour of the show. But I will try to catch up.

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First off, I'll start with the latest tweet. Will keep on updating and edits later.

This is live tweets...mianhe...this is like reading backwards...will try to edit later. Just so excited to share!

[finally...caught up with the live stream...will share my own screencaps later - mslee]

More handsome Yoo Chun below...:))

via @IMissYou_Drama

[omo! my heart faints! - mslee]

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보고싶다 I Miss You Cast, We all proud of you!!

The Daesang ( Grand Prize) has already announced. This is the last award for tonight..

Though Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun went to the stage,but it's not for 보고싶다. So guess what which drama that won the best drama this year.  

 [Moon Embracing the Sun - mslee]

BEST DRAMA goes to another drama.. 보고싶다 I Miss You DIDNT Win.. Sorry, bogoshippers :(

Yoo Chun and Song Ok Sook vid

Oooh... She lost. That's ok.

Why did i feel Yoon Eun Hye will win again in this category?

Park Yoochun and Song Ok Sook

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So many typos tonight.. I'm sorry :D

[EDIT] Song Ok Sook introduce herself as PYC's lover. And PYC calls her,"Aein.. " LOL so sweet..

[VID] Park Yoochun singing Magic Castle on 

Park Yoochun & Song Ok Sook presenting "Best male & female Excellent Acting in Mini Series Award"

Yesss!!! Park Yoochun & Song Ok Sook present the award..

Waiting for Best Actress to be announced. We hope that is Yoochun's turn to present the award and YEH win.

previously MC asked,"you actually a singer right?"when PYC kind shy to sing.His groupmate helps by saying,"he usually sings well"

Who sings it better? Park Yoochun or .. Ladies, you choose!! >>

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[VID] Park Yoochun Won Best Actor in Mini Series

every actors who have part singing in his drama ask to be sing their part..

[TRANS] 2012 MBC Drama Awards Men's Best Actor Award in Mini Series winner PARK YOOCHUN. congratulations


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The MC ask Yoochun to sing Magic Castle Live.. and he SINGS!!!

Park Yoochun's part sings Magic Castle has shown.. The MC ask Yoochun about this scene

Park Yoochun Winning Speech for 보고싶다 .. Congrats!!

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Let's hope that YEH gets the best actress award. . Fighting^^^

Sorry.. it's for best supporting actress..

보고싶다 PARK YOOCHUN!!!!! finally won..

Best Couple Interview- So cute both of them

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BEST ACTOR nominee : Park Yoochun - 보고싶다 , Yoo Seung Ho - 보고싶다

Let's pray YEH & PYC could win Best Actor and Best Actress on

[VID[ PYC & YEH re-act their part on 보고싶다 for

[TRANS]  [2012 MBC Drama Awards] Hallyu star award-winning IMissYou Yoon Eun Hye was awarded! 

Yoon Eun Hye won Hallyu Star Award 

[VID] Drama Awards Best Couple Award Interview PYC & YEH >>

YOON EUN HYE won again!!!

Park Yoochun re-act as Han Jung Woo 

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Yoochun & Yeh finally sit side by side for Best Couple Award..

PYC put clothespin to Yoon Eun Hye's hair.. cute!!

They give the mic to Park Yoochun&Yoon Eun Hye. They have to re-act their part as couple.When Yoochun said,"Suyeona.." the MC female scream

The MC comes to 보고싶다 table

Best Female popularity award Winner.. goes to YEH for Pogoshiptha

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MBC now showing the couple from MBC Drama.When Yeo Jin Goo-Kim So hyun appeared,there's slight laughing sound from the audience.


[VID] Best Male & Female Popularity MBC Drama Award 2012 >>

Oppa..you always win the award of my heart.. Dont be sad..

 male and female popularity award-winning Kim Soo-hyun, Yoon Eun Hye!

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Park Yoochun seems Dissapointed he didnt win

Yoon Eun Hye thanks all the crew of I Miss You

Yeo Jin Goo doesn't sit with IMY cast..

Jaejong-ssi.. You took my seat!! [PYC,YEH,KJJ)

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Park Yoochun laughed when Kim so Hyun called Jin Goo " Jung Woo yaa..Han Jung Woo 

Jung Kwal Ryul received the awards

Jun Kwang Ryul - Detective Kim won for I Miss You.. Yay!!

I Miss You casts 

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Kim Sohyun's speech thanks Park Yoochun oppa and Yoochun's smiling

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Kim Shoyun for I Miss You won the Actrees Child Award.. Yay!!!

Yeo Jing Goo received the awards

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Child Actor award goes to .. Yoo Jin Go won for I MISS YOU!!

Yoon Eun Hye at the red carpet

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Jaejoong and Yoo C hun

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Yoo Chun talking to Song Ok Sook

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Yoochun changed his seat next to Jaejoong. He won't sit next to YEH.He sits between jaejoong&Song Ok Sook

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  1. can you translate the short conversation of the skit between yeojingoo, kim sohyun and kim yoo jung?

  2. the video where yeo jin goo performs in mbc is already blocked..do you still have available links where i can watch the full version of their performance

  3. hi! @chenchen: will try to look for the video. hopefully we find that's still available. sometimes they deleted due to copyright.:))