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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KHJ Talks about So Min's Lips...@PK

Today is the "D Day"! The Playful Kiss Tokyo FM. Been to soompi @ oppa/dongsaeng thread and there, this little bit of  fan account was being shared by  tlbpc which really caught my attention and have me smiling..anya, grinning for a while.:))

this is what was posted:

The fans in Baidu HyunSu Bar are so excited posting on the PK event, it was said that -

HJL even said that Jung So Min's lips taste like bubble gum :D. And at PK they even kissed for 4 minutes !!

Now they are wondering which scene was it that they kissed for 4 minutes!

Addition -   One fan, youlanxinran was there and posted that MM was asked in reality would she like KHJ or BSJ.  MM thought for quite a long while and she can see KHJ was smiling, finally MM answered BSJ.  The MC then said whether is it both also she likes,  MM didn't deny but just shyly smile more happily. 

Wow! Tastes like bubble gum! Leader must have enjoyed that scene/filming that time..:)) To think that he remembered what was it like. How I wish there will be fan accounts and translated interviews of the FM soon!

Anyway, snowflakesj16@soompi has commented and added something to what tlbc has posted.

About MinMin's kiss tasting like bubble gum, he mentioned the same during the Goodbye BSJ event last year, it went something like the tastes of the kisses with her would depend on what she had before they shot the kiss. Like if it was gum, it would taste like gum, if it was mouthwash, so it would taste like mouthwash. I can see very well that during the honeymoon carrying BTS, MinMin was chewing gum. :D My guess on the long kiss is the car kiss.. :D

Well, I think it was the sofa scene and the honeymoon scene, too. :))

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