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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[ChunHye] For Shippers Only : PYC Fashion Style Subtle Change

Oh, this is fun! The journey to more ChunHye fact discovery is becoming more and more interesting! Although nothing is confirmed, yet, but how small details such as scarf and now tie are being noticed by the shipper. I smiled while reading posts and seeing the small "evidences" that made me strongly believe that I am shipping the right pair.

After IMY, seldom are photos of my OTP. Last month, after the Thailand trip gifted by the Chunhye couple to staff and crew of IMY, YEH was said to be in France for a photoshoot. But no photos were taken @the airport which was for me as a follower a bit odd. I have always posted here her airport fashion and some were photos of herself she shared on line while waiting for her departure. Then she was then said to be in Hawaii just a couple weeks ago. Again, no one knew, except for the photo she shared via her Facebook, but not really clear where it was taken.

the photos from France

trans: Start / Will start to

shared via FB [while she was said to be in Hawaii

무지개 ~~기분좋다^^
trans: Can you feel the Rainbow ~ ~ ^ ^

For now, these are the only update about YEH's whereabouts. Warriors and Neris said that probably she's back already. Not sure though.

Meanwhile, PYC on the other hand is also not spotted for the last weeks after IMY. Seemed that the guy is also "missing" which is odd according to Chunsas. Usually he would go to other places or out of the country to relax after a drama and shed off the remaining character he had lived the entire filming. But no, he stayed in Seoul, but did not even go to JJ's mini fan concert, just a video call with JJ teasing him about "dukbokiss",adding S to remind him perhaps of the cute kiss scene in IMY and telling him that his does not taste good! Ah, these boys! Made me smile and read between the lines!


photos credit as tagged
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Park Yoochun - 박유천
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@yehwarrior via ChunHye thread/soompi

Well, one of the hot topic of ChunHye shippers was the scarf worn by YC during the Premiere of Men's Mannual.

Chunsa said that this is not YC style of wearing a scarf. He likes them long and wrapped around just hanging. 

But this is totally different from his usual style. The intricate way of how the scarf was twisted and snuck inside his chest was done not by his coordi but maybe by someone else who has an amazing Fashion Sense!

The latest hot topic is the Givenchy Black Tie he was wearing this morning!


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Givenchy Black Cotton Madonna Face Tie

Givenchy Madonna 2013 Summer Spring Collection FROM PARIS



And who was in France just recently??? Oh you do the math! lol!

Chunsa's said that YC is not the type to care about hi style. 

And who is the TRUE FASHIONISTA we know? Who always appear on the red carpet wearing signature clothes and bags and wear them beautifully.

This one is shared by @MariYeh at ChunHye thread

Yoon Eun Hye really likes Givenchy ..in Lie To Me she used Givenchy Antigona Duffle and Givenchy Black Stud Tinhan Hobo bag.

And for this Elle issue, she wore a Boxy Givenchy Top.

cr: CDBLOOM @ http://yooneunhye.net/forums/topic/elle-yoon-eun-hye-elle-magazine-october-issue

Top Section
1. Yoon Eun Hye at the Chungdam-dong flagship store handling her UGG collaboration boots.
2. Nicholas Kirkwood booties purchased recently.
3. Vintage studded T-Shirt she redesigned and owns.
4. Yoon Eun Hye, who loves big bags, enjoys wearing Leopard Bag by Jimmie Choo and Celine Tote Bag.
Bottom Section
1. Items that Yoon Eun Hye designed personally and accessories she enjoys wearing on everyday basis.
2. Unique vintage clothes from t shirts to dresses that are part of her accessories.
3. Cartier’s “Modern Classic” wrist watches.
4. Fendi bag, Big Size Bag Bag From Chanel, Clutch bag, and etc.
5. Yoon Eun Hye comfortable look with Boxy Givenchy top and Alexander Hwang shorts.
6. Her diverse shoe collection worth stealing.

NOW, now...who was just back from France again? Who likes to wear fashionable accessories and bags and dresses?

Well, this is mslee1107 leaving it up to you to make your final conclussions. Again, photos shared here are all facts. Articles shared are also facts. The question is, is what I am trying to say a fact? Mslee is just trying to believe that someting magical happened to my OTP! Whether all these similarities and change on YC's part are true or not, only time would tell. Untill then, I will continue to ship them, smile when I see something new that are coincidences. Just like a shipper, I will wait.

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