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Friday, February 22, 2013

[MinSul] Minho Cut - SHINee’s interview with L’Officiel Hommes Korea, March 2013

This is an excerpt from SHINee interview. Only MINHO's part will be shared here.


It’s been a long time. How have you been?
I was active as an actor through last year. It was a good experience and I felt a lot of things. If I’m given an opportunity, I would like to try acting again. Anyway, I’m highly satisfied with my personal life. Every day is enjoyable and exciting.

Quite a lot of time has passed since you debuted and you’ve mainly done music promotions.
Thanks to that, I was able to try all kinds of music. I wanted to show various types of music while adding SHINee’s color in them.

How would you rate yourself as an artist?
Compared to the early days of my debut, I feel a lot more relaxed when I do broadcasts. I still think I’m incredibly lacking to even give myself a score.

How do you feel with your comeback ahead?
With my variety of experiences as a foundation, I want to show the fans an awesome performance. We’ll want to display SHINee’s diverse charms that seems like five but is actually one.

Tell us about your new album.
We tried out something that nobody has tried. And of course we worked hard to add in SHINee’s color. When you listen to the music, you’ll feel, “Definitely SHINee.”

A word to yourself for 2013.
Let’s grow!

My thoughts as a MINSUL shipper

FYFB brought changes to his life. I believe that he felt it was a good experience and at the same time he felt a lot of things because finally, working with his dongsaeng, he realized something new and awesome. He is experiencing this new feeling with excitement, that's why he is enjoying every minute, everyday of his life in satisfaction. [Sulli sure brings happiness to him and the relationship seems to be smooth sailing. Of course, the closeness so far is very visible and even though it is not confirmed, both are exuding an "in love" aura.

I like his way of answering interviews, very mature despite his age.

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