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Monday, April 8, 2013

CNBlue members are excited as their world tour opens in Taiwan

On April 5, the Taipei airport was packed with six hundred fans who gathered to see their idol stars CNBlue who had come to Taiwan to kick off their world tour. The group’s performance was explosively welcomed in Taipei, and the concert tickets sold out in forty minutes.
A press conference was held on the day of their arrival. The group’s leader, Jung Yong Hwa, said he was thrilled to be there for the concert. He played the guitar and sang the group’s hit song “I’m Sorry” as representatives from the local media photographed him at the press conference.
The group’s world tour is receiving a lot of attention, especially from Chinese-speaking countries. After the tickets to the Taipei concert sold out, the group extended their run for one more day in Hong Kong, where the concert tickets also sold out in just five minutes. The opening concert of the tour was held in a Taipei arena on April 6.

source: TV Report
reposted from en.korea.com

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