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Thursday, November 29, 2012

[Episode 7 and 8 Update] The King of Dramas Recap + my thoughts

Episode 7

Writer Go Eun had an accident. Another problem for the King of Dramas, Anthony. His comeback is full of problems sprouting everywhere. It's like every corner, there is one. All because people around him want to see him fail. But he is Anthony. He never back down. He challenge not only himself but people who works for him to believe and not give up. And he believe writer Go Eun.

I love their relationship in the drama. It's the hoobae/sunbae relationship that has evolved as the story continues. He is a man who has so much confidence even at his most dire moments. She is a naive rookie writer, full of idealism, positve energy but fiesty. She will also stand her ground when she knows she is right. But is smart and intelligent enough to think hard when to give in. And their chemistry is awesome. 

The humor of the drama keeps me laughing. She has the nerve to play with Anthony's feelings when she acted she has memory loss. She was kinda cute.

Oh Jin Wan's schemes backfired. His mole inside Anthony's office suddenly felt guilty when Go Eun had the accident. It was only because he is in dire need of financial assistance why he became a spy for Jin Wan. But then, the easy atmosphere in the office plus the hardships of fighting for the drama made him uncomfortable in the end as he continues to betray the trusts of those around him. In the end, he spilled all of it to Anthony, thus leaving Oh Jin Wan with nothing but defeat. Anthony once again proved his capabilities in surviving difficulties.

For Kang Hyun Min's drunk driving offense that almost ended his career because of the netizens feedback, Anthony found the solution on how to turn the media from ruining Hyun Min's reputation to resurrecting him as the humble actor full of remorse. His mother who loves attention from his son often visits the hospital for smallest of complaints. The night Hyun Min was accosted for drunk driving, he told the media that he received a call from his mother and that she was confined in the hospital. Brilliant idea of course of Anthony worked.

An ex girlfriend Sung Min Ah was casted for the drama.
I am not sure what made her accept the role, seeing how she felt betrayed by Anthony in the past.

Episode 8

This episode is not smooth as I think it would be. After filling up the cast and Go Eun is once again able to continue writing after her accident, still a  new problem arises. First, Sung Min Ah, who I thought is a delicate character seeing her kind face is all but submissive. She acts the professional actress that she is. She wants the scripts revised to her liking. But of course, Go Eun will not be coaxed to doing what she was told. After all this is her story. As Anthony has said to her, writers are alone in this kind of battle. If she wanted to protect her script, she has to fight alone. But fighting alone seems futile when all the people around her even the network will not help her. But as I said, she is a smart person. In the end, Anthony's words stayed with her and helped her to arrive at the best solution.

Professionals take time to analyse their mistakes. But rookies just like her don't have that time.
Simply put, she has to weigh things and concede if she finds that she may be wrong after all. And with these words from her sunbae, she revised the scripts.

But during the script reading, Sung Min Ah and Kang Hyun Min became difficult to handle. He is not happy with the revision. He walked out, just minutes before the Press Conference where the new financial backer of the drama is present at the venue. Of course, Min Ah also walked out. Both Anthony and Go Eun run after the lead actors and persuade them to return.

Meanwhile, Oh Jin Wan and President of Jaegoog Production has found an ally to the new successor of the Japanese investor. The son. He directly told Anthony that he is withdrawing the financial support and that he wants the money returned immediately.

A problem that has arise once again, blocking Anthony from moving forward.

The story is really interesting as it progress. It shows the dirty politics behind the camera. The greed for staying in the field and to crush anyone who is a potential rival.

I like to see how Anthony's character will survive all the hardships just to regain his lost dignity. I want to see writer Go Eun stick to her principles and win every battle that comes her way.

Photo: Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Siwon) does fake volunteer work to manage the situation after he has caused controversy by driving under the influence.

In the episode of SBS TV’s drama series The King of Dramas that aired on November 27, Hyun Min does volunteer work at an orphanage to improve his image.

Hyun Min tries to conciliate public opinion about him by doing volunteer work after giving an interview to express his regret. In front of many cameras, Hyun Min fakes a smile. As he sees lots of kids trying to take a bath, he complains about it to Anthony. He says he doesn’t understand why he has to help the kids take a bath and he can’t fake it anymore.

However, Anthony says he has to shave his head if he doesn’t help them take a bath, and Hyun Min goes back to the bathroom. When he goes back, a kid puts his booger on Hyun Min’s hand.

At this, Hyun Min asks the kid to eat his own booger. This scene shows how narrow-minded Hyun Min is despite the fact that he’s a famous celebrity. This also attracts a lot of attention as it satirizes some celebrities’ insincere volunteer work to improve their images after arousing criticism.

In the episode, Kenji (played by Jang Hyun Sung), a son of Watanabe, comes to Anthony and says he will retrieve the investment.

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for now, these are my thoughts...

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