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Monday, April 29, 2013

Jang Ok Jung living by love LIVE RECAP EP 7

recaps via vingle .net

Photo: Jang OK Jung via SBS

Characters Kim Tae hee was casted in Jang Ok Jung.(OJ) Yoo Ah in was casted in Lee Soon.(LS) Hong Soo Hyun was casted in Queen, In Hyun.(IH) Jae hee was casted in Hyun Chi Soo.(CS) Lee Sang Yeop was casted in Lee Hang who is a cousin of Lee soon.(DIH) Han Seung Yeon was casted in Choi musuri, the king's concubine.(CM) JH-OJ's uncle and rich man in Joeseon society but in caste system he is a commoner BSG-the second successor to the throne and close to JH. Min daegam- he is a honary chairman of Seoin (There are two power groups, one is Seoin and the other is namin. They both always have power struggle.) Let's start ! LS evades the dangerous situation that the warrior attacks him with a sword. BSG : leave your place at the bottom for me. LS gets angry about his behavior. He thinks that BSG is not enough to be a good leader because he only thinks about how he will be showed by ohter people. Soon, LS's guards arrive at the festival and all the uprising is crushed by the military. Huuu how nice. In the traditional place, OJ heard about the uprising by BSG from her friend. In the torture place, BSG answers that now is the season when LS in full bloom so i will be step out behind with a calm voice. JH also got tortured but LS wonders that why he chose him instead of BSG because JH helped him escape the dangerous situation. JH acts following the money not the power. In the place that makes clothes, OJ wonders where is LS. (I think she still doesn't know LS is a king) Anyway the chief of this place scolds her and she gives a lot of housework to her. LS decides to recall Min dagam again in the place because of servants and scolars' favor. Waa....death penalty....(i'm afraid....it's too cruel!!) LS gets disappointed that every people may say a bad words to him because he makes his blood be died. JH meets another daegam who places OJ in the place. JH lets him know that OJ and LS know each other. With the help of grand-queen, they all try to make for OJ and LS a place. OJ who bring the tea table enters the grand queen room where LS in. (Finally they run into each other !!!!) But LS gets shocked because he thinks all the situation that they've met by chance is the lie. OJ : No, it's not true. If i know that you're a king, then i will never enter the place. you mentioned that find you in the traditional place. why did you lie to me that you're a servant of the king? You also wanna play with me? LS woders you didn't know about me not at all before entering this room but OJ cannot answer. ( ㅜㅜㅜㅜLS....WHAT ARE YOU DOING?) LS warns her that keep out of sight. Min dagam suggers her daughter that enter the traditional place as a court lady, not a queen. IH denies his suggestion and then explains figuratively speaking like even if however the tiger may be hungry, how could he eat the grass. ( Wow....really proper figurate expression !) People around the crown princess talk with a joke that the queen's been staying alone for days...when LS sees this, he comes to the crown princess and makes her stand a pride. IH changes her mind. She decides to enter the place as a royal concubine. There are many roads that arrive the final spot. This day is arranged to sleep together. The crown princess is really expected but...she is not in good condition. When she meets OJ, she just falls down.. Oh her illness is the smallbox, especially infectious disease. So the queen prevent LS from coming there. Because of infectious disease, every court ladies are afraid of the crown princess but only OJ be with her. The crown princess are in the life or death situation. She really wants to see LS, the king .. it is her last wish. OJ makes a promise her that she brings LS to her. After hearing this, he returns to the place but suddenly the queen appears and desperately opposes it.

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