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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[Jang Ok Jung living by love] LIVE RECAP Episode 8

source: vingle.net

LS is worried about her wife, The servants just step out from the queen because of infectious disease. Already the doctor gives up treating her. There is the crown princess alone in the room ( ㅜㅜ cheer up!) The crown princess feels sorry to him and LS feels the same way to her so he keeps staying with her.. LS: i'm sorry for using you....and not giving love to you.. The crown princess: It's okay...because of you...i was really happy.. To the last momnet, LS is with her. In the conference room, LS sees BSG's soul...(It is not real) but LS feels dizzy. The queen bothers LS why you don't like IH. She really wants her to be his another wife. She uses her wits like making the court dress for IH. Then in the case for the festival, IH appears wearing the dress with the queen it means the queen has an eye on her as his wife. So IH and the queen visits the clothing place and they face into OJ. OJ takes the size ^.^ In the drinking party, JH congratulates that he heard the news of Min dagam's daughter. In these market world, IH already can be a queen as fact. Wow....but Min dagam ingnores him and put the alchol on his head ....JH warns him that be ready for the match. Anyway OJ runs into LS in the place. Nowadays, LS has a nightmare for a while...even there are only few days passed from the crown princess's death.. all the servants asks him that greet another wife..and BSG often comes to his eyes... OJ comforts his mind... After waking him up, he feels fresh and continously OJ appears in his head. hehehe (LS falls in love!!! ) By chance, OJ takes a size of LS ^.^ It reminds the past that OJ made his clothes and took the size. hahahaha LS asks a favor to make a coffee to him but OJ tells him that she will deliver this task to the office that takes the resposibility of it. Then LS put the clothes down to fix !!! LS: Until changing this clothes !! you can't step out This clothes ..ummm the pattern of dragon is ugly !!!! this clothes..umm is too short...ha and this is um..... i don't like it. So OJ keeps staying with him hehehe DIH realizes that OJ is in the traditional place. wow...DIH feels uncomfortable....because maybe he has a mind to her. The reason that OJ didn't accept him is that she wants it to be more than a one-night stand. (You guys know that OJ is already falls in love with him but at that time that the grand queen who arranges the meeting, LS didn't come to her... it means it is not his will ! So she denied it) But now it changes a lot. LS starts to oepn his mind ! Still OJ acts cool .. (Wow..cool girl) The competition, IH's court dress ! But there is the same design with her work !!!! Her co-worker copies her design but the one is different , it is scent !! OJ put the scent in her clothes so the chief pick up her clothes. The co-worker feels resent !! (Did you see her eyes ?? wow eagle eyes !! Be careful OJ !) In the past crown princess's place, the queen is planning that IH comes out to the LS wearing the court dress. But there is OJ in the place...(What's the matter???) Aha !! you know the co-worker a while ago deceives OJ like the queens wants to put her on to be showed the shape of the court dress. The queen and other court ladies critisize her and kick her out of the clothing place...so she has to do only laundry!!!! ....Meanwhile she focuses only on her laundry work, other members leave her out in the cold.. bothering her a lot !!!!! throwing away the laundry and falls her into the water !!!!!! how cruel...... It's raining outside . When he looks into the raining, he runs to OJ. LS cries out that if I take a step to you, why do you go far from me. OJ :Befire i know that you're a king...it is possible to get close but...now..because of my lowness..i can't approach you.. you're a sky...you're a king in this world. LS: Still you can't come to me...because i'm a sky.. then take a look this !! LS walks to OJ even the muddy ground... LS: The sky collapses for you.....

photos via JOJ facebook

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