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Friday, May 3, 2013

When A Man Loves Episode 10 Short Recap and Screencaps

Episode 10

Short recap. just some high lights about TS and MD

Han Tae Sang did not reveal himself to both JH and MD at the bus [parking] terminal. He went ahead and stayed inside his car, feeling tensed all of a sudden, ergo, his back is in pain. Remember when the doctor told him before that he would feel pain whenever he was stressed or tensed. Seeing MD and JH is enough to make him feel the hurt.

MD called TS that night but did not told about JH. TS let it passed.  The next day, SJ was found inside TS office while putting  a hot patch on TS  back. But of course creating a suspicious situation wherein it would appear as if both were intimate. JH and MD saw them. MD was mad and became aloof and gave TS the brush off.

TS tried to explain. Meanwhile, JH and MD continue their friendship and JH supports MD on her dreams.

MD told TS that she doesn't like SJ.  TS ended his close friendship with SJ to satisfy MD request. 

MD broke up with TS in the end. She likes him but she loves herself more.

mslee's thoughts about tonight's episode...

I always thought that MD is thankful to TS and a little bit infatuated towards JH. Some says she is in love with JH. But tonight's episode, I want to reassess MD's feelings. I think she is thankful to JH not to TS and in love to TS at the same time. She hasn't fully realized it yet.  Seeing how jealous, mad and silent she became after she saw SJ again in TS office with her body touching TS, it's an indication that she is greatly affected and not immune. I am really trying to understand the writer here. I hope I am right in reading this. When TS said goodbye to SJ, he really loves MD. I won't buy about him going to be in love with SJ if the relationship with MD turned out bad. He did not love SJ then, he won't love her now. I am sure about this. On the last part of the episode, MD's mind is in turmoil. I  think she is weighing her options. TS or her dreams. I don't think it's TS and JH. Because it's all about pursuing what she wants.   

Among the things that runs on her mind, it's TS, JH supporting her dreams and her friend telling her it's not too late.

I am still staying glued to this drama albeit many troubles brewing for my OTP. I still go for TS-MD. I am waiting for what the writer would come up to make the story interesting and justify the characters.

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