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Thursday, April 18, 2013

When A Man Loves Episode 5 Screencaps + Review

Last weeks episode ended with Tae Sang inside the bookstore, while Jae Hee and Mi Do were outside, having friendly argument about who wrote the message on the board, when suddenly, without permission, JH kissed MD on her cheeks.

Tae Sang, talking with Mi Do's mom...unaware that MD arrived with JH.

But, something caught his attention, the voices outside. He peeked but too late because JH was walking away already. TS only heard snips of conversation between MD and her brother.

I think, even though he heard something, his doubt was easily dismissed. 

Sung Joo knew where TS mom is. She decided to give her a visit. As a paying customer. She sure will do everything for TS. I guess, her love is true, but hoping that she will stop being sneaky when MD is around or not be selfish as to keep obsessing over TS love.

Chang  Hee finished serving his sentence and got out. 

MD and JH friendship continues...despite MD voicing out her thoughts about JH advances.

Looks like JH found an alley from MD's father. 

Secretly meeting JH behind TS makes MD always on guard whenever TS appeared.

SJ makes MD insecure of her hold on TS. I believe she already liked TS too much.

TS in love...

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