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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jaejoong criticizes his sasaeng fans at the airport

cre: allkpop

Jaejoong had a sharp word of criticism for sasaeng fans who were waiting for him at the airport.
On April 14, he tweeted, “When I return back to Korea feeling good, it’s okay to take a lot of photos like you’re a photographer at the airport. But if you knocked down an elderly woman and a man as they were passing by, shouldn’t you help them back up or apologize? When I get in the car, instead of checking if the photos came out well, shouldn’t you be checking if she was your grandmother or not?“.
Jaejoong recently returned to to Korea after finishing the Taiwanese leg of his world tour, and was complaining because of the actions from some of his sasaeng fans.

the pic shared by one of the commentators...

Jaejoong helping a woman together with his BG

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