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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CNBLUE "Blue Moon" in Singapore: Friendly, Honest and Simple At Press Conference

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The boys arrived in high spirits for the Press Conference. They were slightly late with the back-to-back schedules they have around this trip. After a round of photo calls, they sat down comfortably and introduced themselves in English before answering the avalanche of questions that were set upon them.
Kang Min Hyuk (drummer) was the first to voice that CNBLUE was impressed with the night views of Singapore, having only arrived last night around 8pm. They had been very thankful that so many fans had turned up to receive them at Changi Airport.
When asked how they had prepared for the BLUE Moon concert on 13th April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Jung Yong Hwa (lead vocal & rhythm guitarist) claimed that it will definitely be a fun evening with many of the songs from their latest album, RE:BLUE being played. Lee Jung Shin (bass guitarist) added that they are very excited as this is the first full-scale concert that they have ever done in Singapore. The last time the band performed in Singapore was in a showcase attended by a crowd of 1,600 (est). The expected turnout for BLUE Moon concert in Singapore is 7,000 spectators. With CNBLUE being a band, Yong Hwa stressed that all the music will be performed 'live' by the 4 members. This is also one of the key differences between CNBLUE and other K-pop groups who are more focused on singing and dancing on stage. Lee Jong Hyun (lead guitarist) believed that foreign fans more readily accept and enjoy CNBLUE's music as rock bands had been long established in the western culture compared to pop groups.
Many artists attended the Blue Moon concert in Taipei Arena on 6 April, 2013. One of which was JJ Lin, a prominent Singaporean singer-composer based in Taiwan for the past 10 years. When JJ was mentioned, Yong Hwa immediately declared that JJ is his friend who had given him the T-shirt that he was currently wearing at the Press Conference. He proceeded to expand his jacket opening for all to have a better view of the T-shirt. When probed further if JJ had given them tips on where to visit in Singapore, Yong Hwa mentioned that during his last trip to Singapore with Jong Hyun (in November 2012) for an editorial photo-shoot, they heard about Marina Bay but they were unable to visit then, as they had a tight schedule. They hope that this time round, the band is able to find some free time to visit the interesting places in Singapore.
When asked if they had missed anything from their earlier days, such as performing on the streets, the band leader, Yong Hwa claimed that they had been very grateful and felt very privileged that people now recognize them but they will still like to perform on the streets, if given a chance. But he is sure that they will now need to disguise themselves (perhaps with masks) before they are able to perform on the streets like what they had done when they first started out as an indie rock band on the streets of Tokyo, way back in 2009. Jong Hyun stressed that it was those 'hard times' that had molded them to where they are today, making them very appreciative of what they are able to enjoy now, especially the love and support from their fans.
With all 4 members actively involved in dramas, they were asked if there are any particular roles that they will like to play in future dramas - Yong Hwa stated that his roles in his 2 previous dramas (You Are Beautiful, 2009 and Heartstrings, 2011) had been more focused on performance and music, which had greatly helped him to grow as an artiste. However, he felt that he can be 'more brighter' ~ he hopes for a more lively role in his next drama as he is by nature, a very bright, cheerful and bubbly person. Yong Hwa even stressed in English that he is a 'funny guy'. Although Min Hyuk had received many drama scripts, his focus is now on BLUE Moon world tour but both he and Jung Shin will consider taking up acting roles in dramas or movies if good opportunities arise.
Yong Hwa does not rule out the possibility of writing songs for other singers (even those outside FNC) in the future. However, the songs might sound quite different from those of CN Blue's as Yong Hwa will prefer to work with the singer and create something that is more suitable for that singer.
For the concert in Singapore, Yong Hwa informed that it will be more focused on their songs and in true BLUE fashion, CN Blue is a band, hence do not expect many changes of costumes from them. He just wants the fans to enjoy the concert as much as CN Blue will enjoy performing. Min Hyuk, on the other hand, wishes that the fans can go a 'little' crazy, have lots of fun and start screaming at their concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
The thoughtful boys gave some Korean traditional snacks that they usually enjoy with their families during festive seasons for the media who had asked question during the Press Conference. The event ended on a happy 'lah-lah' mood as the boys quickly put to practice what the MC had taught them - to engage the Singapore audience, just need to add in the word 'lah' to the end of every sentence. Yong Hwa did very well with 'I'm very happy lah' and 'I love you Singapore lah' ... let's see if he remembered to speak in this manner in the concert... I can't wait lah ...
Watch the press conference video here:
Special thanks to ONE Production for inviting KpopStarz.com to cover 2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR - LIVE in Singapore Press Conference.
Writer: Wang | Photos and Team Lead: Ong Melin

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