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Sunday, April 14, 2013

When A Man Loves - Seo Mi Do...Ready to Fall in Love

I guess WAML really got me! I have been watching the last 2 episodes of the drama today for the second time. Episodes 3 and 4 already subbed and available.

 Sharing my thoughts...

The hanging question about living together or to make it more formal, asking MD to marry him,  was ridiculous on MD's part. It was a sudden question, out of nowhere, and even though she knew he is attracted to her, still the question turned out silly. She was confused, it was evident.  But she was so straightforward by telling him that if she marries him, it will because of money. TS never minds that. All he wants to do is take care of her and give her all the things that will make her life good, make her live without worries.

I understand him. He wants to protect her. But it seems too soon for MD. The trip to Guam which TS downplayed as business trip became the reason for MD and Jae Hee to cross path.

And because they are almost of the same age, they got really well and had fun. JH's attraction is instant, while MD, I think if she will give it a chance, the camaraderie will turn to something more. But even though she shared something sweet and carefree and fun with JH, in the end, I think she chose TS. She broke her promise to JH twice, the dinner they were supposed to have together and the rain check she made the following day to make up for the cancelled dinner.

She decided to share it with TS but unfortunately, Sung Joo came and she did not like it. I see she is disappointed...hurt...and again confused. Luckily, she did not go to dinner, for by then it will be revealed that both TS and JH are expecting one and the same person.

The following day, she took the morning flight back to Seoul  to TS surprise. It was clear, she already made a decision. To stop seeing JH and to give TS a chance. I like how she realized gratitude towards TS. It's true that there is greater chance of her falling for JH, if she wants to, but she is a person who knows what is the right thing to do. Here is a man, who laid out his heart to her, his life even seven years ago, a man who continuously supports her and her family, what is there not to be thankful for and not to take chances with him.

I think  MD is an intelligent woman, smart and has character. It's her pride that is taking over her decisions. And I think little by little, she is opening her heart to TS. She is also firm in what she wants to do. And I hope she stays that way. She stood up against SJ by telling her to stop buying things for TS because she will from now on take care of him. She also insist on JH that she is beginning to like another man.

MD may be sometimes confused over JH, but I guess it's friendship that she really found in him. I am really skeptical about her falling seriously in love with him, not if she is so determined to let him go. Because, if her heart really flutters over JH, she won't turn away so easily from him and leave him without a proper goodbye.

So far, the writer has portray her a woman who can handle her own affairs very well. And I hope she stays that way.

I like how she is so casual and a bit aggressive towards TS.

She is so ready to make a commitment at the end of episode 4. But then a misunderstanding is definitely coming. How she will handle it is going to be an awaited episode of the drama.

Seo Mi Do is ready to fall in love and it is evident on  episode 4 that it is TS she wants to fall in love with.

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  1. Love this series, But I need to see the Se Khung loves him and take care of him as well.
    Song Seung Heon is very smart and very nice guy, he is very good actor and good work.
    he is very sad for this series but he make me love him very much more than other series.