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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(INFO)Kim Hyun Joong - HEAT FACT 2011 CM

 Credit: http://ss501ode.blogspot.com


According to a notice by KHJ-Japan,

Hyunjoong has been chosen to be the spokesperson for private brand AEON's campaign - 『Heat Fact 2011』.
This will be his 1st endorsement in Japan, along with co-star being Nakamura An-chan.

It basically comes in the form of a tank top, and this tank top has the following functions:

Rids stank
Keeps warm
Not thick though
Prevents bacteria growth
Prevents friction against static electricity

AEON's HomePage : http://www.aeonretail.jp/index.html

HeatFact's HomePage : http://www.aeonretail.jp/campaign/heatfact/

There will also be an Open Press Conference on September 20 (Tuesday). Venue is at Roppongi Hills Arena. and he will be attending.


The CM that began broadcast starting today (13 Sept Tues) was the following 2. 

The final one called 「続編」 will be aired beginning early-October.

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