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Sunday, September 11, 2011

with Eng Translations-Kim Hyun Joong on SatZone Channel 7 (Thai TV)

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Exclusive Interview with Kim Hyun Joong during his visit to Thailand in Aug 2011 (uploaded by @HeneciaThailand via dolliac)

translations by dolliac
[Trans summary] KHJ said he felt very warm to come back here as the 5th time already and he knew that Thai fans were waiting for him. MC asked about the concept of “Break Down” which HJ replied that he wanted the image to be more manly, more macho. About his hair, he said that he wasn’t used to the short hair at first but now he grew fond of it. He also needed to work out in the gym a lot. [Then hi 5 event]
[Trans summary 2] he also went to play football and rehearsed rigorously. that explained his fit&firm body. (show Break Down’s rehearsal footage) the MC asked about his role as an actor. “Playful Kiss” was very popular among Thai fans. KHJ said that Baek Seung Jo wasn’t cold or anything. He just didn’t know how to express himself. KHJ said that he was totally different from BJS as he himself is talkative with his friends and likes to smile a lot.
[Trans summary 3] Finally, he thanked Thai fans for watching his series and hoped everyone to follow his works. He will come back to Thailand again next year for the best concert. He talked about “Kiss Kiss” and said that he wanted to show a more relaxing side of him to Fans. 7.59 he said “rak na joob joob” (love ya kiss kiss!) – awww am dead! – end with “Kiss Kiss” MV

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