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Sunday, September 11, 2011

[Fan Photo]Kim Hyun Joong on M!Countdown 6.09.11 and A Funny Story!

While blogwalking I wandered through http://cheezeemelt.blogspot.com/ and found this cute article prelude to this performance of HJ on M!Countdown. It's a fan account and while reading the post, I kept on smiling and grinning.

Well, sharing this to you, my visitors, if you haven't yet read this one.

Thanks to Cheezeemelt.
credit as tagged

Here are photos of Leader performing 'Please' on his comeback in M!Countdown. The security was very strict that's why my source only managed to took few photos. I know these photos are a bit old but, better late than never right? 

Please post with FULL credits when re-posting, Thanks!

Here's a funny story behind these photos. 

While Leader was waiting for his cue to start, they noticed Leader's hand got stucked on his front pants (yes, on his *tooooooot) so cordi nunna ran immediately to Leader to fix his pants. While doing so, all the fans were shouting out loud because of the scene they are seeing especially when cordi nunna slipped through her hand inside Leader's pants!!!!~ *blush~*blush!!!! kekeke
Leader kept on laughing but at the same time shy~ hehe imagine his smile while he's shy?hehehe.. 
And while cordi nunna was fixing it, Leader like a kid, kept on intruding her so cordi nunna slapped Leader's hand said 'ya, keep still!'.. 

Oh my, my source was so laughing very hard but at the same time wanting to squeeshh Leader because of his cuteness! =))

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