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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kim HyunJoong-Lee SeungGi Battle For The No.1 Celebrity Autumn Male Star

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Source: Nate
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com) or www.4dleaderever.blogspot.com
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Kim HyunJoong is crowned as the No.1 Celebrity Autumn Male Star.

In an online music site, Monkey3, held a poll from 8th of September to 14th of September to select the 'Representatives Of Autumn Male Star'. Kim HyunJoong took the 1st place with a total of 3,781 votes (46%) out of 8,180 votes.

It's been a topic among the online community regarding the Kim HyunJoong's transformation into an 'autumn-style' man recently through the pictorial(CF) shooting, exuding his warm & coolness look at the same time.

Following behind Kim HyunJoong was Lee SeungGi ranked the 2nd place with 44% of votes along with Wonbin, BigBang Top, So Jiseob, and also Jang Geunseuk taking the 3rd-6th place respectively.

After the poll result have been revealed, netizens have left their comments like, 'So Jiseob have been defeated  by Kim HyunJoong', 'There's nothing better compared to Kim HyunJoong's eyes'.

Besides, Kim HyunJoong have become the spokesperson for the Japanese brand, HeatFact, where he is recognized as the new generation of Hanryu star after Bae YongJun.

P/S: There might be mistranslation in the article, please feel free to correct if spotted any. ^^

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