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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Miss You Episode 7 - my thoughts

Lee Soo Yeon got her revenge. Last episode, she met the man who assaulted her. All painful memories rushed back. Her mind could no  longer contain them. It's like a dam bursting. And when she was given the opportunity to avenge herself, she killed him.

Episode 7

As usual I was anticipating the drama. The moment where Jung Woo kept on saying "once more' to Soo Yeon to say his name was heartbreaking. His remorse was very evident. His longing to hear her say his name is painful to watch. And I thought she would admit who she really is. But no. She decided to play with his emotions. She denied that she is Soo Yeon but her habits, her voice are saying otherwise. 

I feel her desire to hurt him. But making him hurt only make them closer. She should have stayed away. She should not have seek him for small excuses. But she did. Perhaps, she is still not only bound by their past, but she still feels something for the boy that Jung Woo was.

As the investigation starts for the murder case, Jung Woo was first doubted by his peers. For desire, he has that. But they knew how he patiently waited for 14 years, if only to find Soo Yeon, he would not kill him. He then pursue to investigate by himself.

Soo Yeon was rattled when she heard Eun Joo mentioned her mother. Eun Joo did not recognize her. Soo Yeon went to see her mother in the restaurant she is working. But she never let her know her presence. She hid her face when her mother came near her. I'm not sure exactly what her thoughts are. One thing is evident, she does not know how her mother is suffering till this day. She thought that she was already forgotten. 

Harry aka Hyung Joon is starting to pressure Soo Yeon into a commitment. He realize that Jung Woo, although he hurt her badly, still has the power to shake Soo Yeon's heart. Will she accept his heart knowing Jung Woo is not giving up on her? Or will she trust Jung Woo for the second time?

While staring at the cctv, Jung Woo realized it really is Soo Yeon. The frightened eyes was telling she recognized her assailant  14 years ago. A fact that made him come after her. He won't just play anymore. He asked her to be her secret lover. What will she do? Run to Harry or open her heart to Jung Woo?

These are some questions I am anticipating to be answered tonight.

For now these are my thoughts...

for screencaps...will post them later.

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