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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

JYJ's Jaejoong “I give a peck when I see Yuchun and Junsu Who I’m always thankful and sorry for.”

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This man has everything that millions of women would fall in love with – fierce eyes, chic tone of voice and sweet appearance. Perhaps this is the reason why Jaejoong Kim has been the most desired target by Sasaeng[stalking people] through his entire career. Regarding this, he is a rare person even among celebrities. And he challenged the first cinema-debut on the film ‘Code Name: Jackal’ which reflects some incidents that he might have actually experienced in reality. The film is about a kidnapping story of a legendary killer and top star, but the incidents shown on the film attract our eyes as it seems to be something he might have really experienced.

Then how did he feel while he was shooting the film?
“Sasaeng? Oh you can say I know all about it. (laugh) The things I actually experienced among the incidents in the film were stalking people and heart-breaking love in the past. The reality is even worse than you could imagine, so I can even say that the stalking-girl in the film is just a cute case. So I enjoyed it! Cause I needed to make it more fun” (Jaejoong)

‘The stalking-girl in the film is just a cute case’ – I could feel how much he has been suffering from Sasaengs without hearing a word. Despite of these facts, he chose ‘Code Name: Jackal’. It was inevitable to ask what made him choose this film.
“Because it was a comedy, not a serious genre and the character was not something I’ve done before. Also the fact that Jihyo Song was cast as a heroin effected me a lot. So I read its scenario again, and decided to accept it.” (Jaejoong)

Of course there is something more desired as it this is his first screen-debut. He had physically hard time because he was working for MBC drama ‘Dr. Jin’ during the same period of the film together. “It left me much to be desired as it was my first film”, added Jaejoong. Nevertheless, he expressed that he was satisfied as the film made him find another side of himself. He chatted about his personal desire – “I think my face seemed to be too big on the screen!”

It seems that he had feeling of thrill and desired at the same time with the word ‘first’, because it gives such a lot of meaning to everyone.

He expressed that thankful things he really appreciated during this journey were his members of JYJ – Yuchun and Junsu who have always stood by him every time he had hard time. He smiled a lot while he was talking about the members with so-called ‘Daddy’s Smile’, saying their friendship became even stronger while they were passing through a lot of difficulties together. He said that he feels even more proud of the members these days when he sees Yuchun and Junsu doing so great as an actor and solo singer after much meandering.
“They are real professionals when they are in own field alone, but there is nothing changed when we are together because we’ve been together for almost 10 years. Especially, even though I’m the oldest, they seem to have grown a lot! (laugh) We are busy with individual activities these days, so it’s just so good and full of laugh when we meet together. I don’t know since when, but I tend to give them pecks when I drink. (laugh) Junsu is really adorable and Yuchun is so too. I can’t say how handsome they are.. Well some people become less looking when they grow old, but look how the two boys have grown up so well! I always feel thank for them as well as sorry for.” (Jaejoong)

He was just full of smiles as if he think about his lover. He laughed aloud, saying “What if people become to think I’m gay? Haha.” – of course in terms of that the members are so precious to him.

He have stepped into film industry with ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and have a long way to go yet, but he is not lonely – Because he is with Yuchun and Junsu who will be walking with him together.

Source: enews via Nate
Translated by: dedicatee.wordpress.com

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