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Saturday, December 1, 2012

[MINHO and SULLI] MinSul Photos @MAMA 2012

Watched the MAMA 2012 via live satellite in our local channel. And of course, my laptop and desktop computer are both open and live streaming the show. My niece when she walked in into my room noticed the three screens around me, and said." You are truly k-pop crazy!" while laughingly walked out again. I told her the computers are for screencaps. Am I that crazy?! lol! 

Well, first I will congratulate both as SHINee and f(x) for winning the BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE @MAMA 2012.
 Even the category award they won is the same!

Anyway, I did capture some moments of them, though separately.

Sulli here was watching and just staring intently at the stage while SHINee with Minho of course was performing Sherlock. Her gaze was awesome! She was like starstruck!

Sulli at the far left...

And these are some from tumblr...
credit as tagged


Sulli behind BigBang

cre:  aloha-marc

 And some are media photos. 

credit on logo

for now these are the latest from my MINSUL couple!

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