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Friday, November 30, 2012

[Update] Episode 8 Screen caps + recap on I MISS YOU

I love episode 8.

Just a short recap...

Han Jung Woo is not sure but his instincts were telling him this is Soo Yeon.

He asked her to come with him. It's his birthday.

But then, she left him after slapping him.

He continues to live with Soo Yeon's family. Even his sister visited him there.

She told Harry/Hyung Joon she met Jung Woo.

The cute and funny side of Jung Woo. The clips on his head.:))

He opened up on his dongsaeng about Soo Yeon. How she may be feeling right now towards him.

The investigation continues in the murder of Kang Sang Deuk. All evidences point to Soo Yeon. Jung Woo just found the black box containing the cctv on the night of the murder. Soo Yeon appeared on it. Or the woman whose name is Zoe.

Harry gave Soo Yeon a necklace with the key pendant. The key that was left for him by his mother.
He tried to kiss her but she moved her head sideways. I guess intimacy is still a great issue for her because of her past.

At the party, Harry met Han Tae Joon.

Jung Woo appeared at the party. With his knowledge of Soo Yeon's crime, what will he do to protect her?

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