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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cute Jae Joong Wearing a Clip on his Hair...or Was it a Clothe's Pin?

Fine, I'll confess that I was not into Jae Joong and JYJ before. I am a Kim Hyun Joong fan. A Henecia member. I am into SS501. ALWAYS WILL BE AND WAITING FOR THEIR COMEBACK!

Anyway, I do know these guys, because of uri Hyun Joong. Jae Joong is his BFF, and so are YC and Junsu, who happens to be HJ's soccer buddy. But little do I know about who these JYJ are. Thanks to Yoo Chun, I now follow them. [laughs!] Sometimes I do when it concerns HJ. I do post some activities of Jae Joong when HJ is there, too. But that's it.

And also I watched Protect the Boss and admittedly JJ is one hot guy! Love his smiles. But it did not make that impact on me. Mianhe, JJ fans. Guess it will always be his BFF HJ for me. And now his Yoo Chunnie because of the drama I MISS YOU.

So now I became an I MISS YOU addict. Haven't distanced myself yet with the drama even though it ended a week ago. Chincha!!!

Now I follow JJ and Junsu in twitter, too! OMO! What happened to me?! And it's all Yoo Chun's fault! If only he has twitter account or rather the one I found was really his and active. 

Yesterday, JJ post a photo via twitter.

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But wait... is it a hair pin or a clothe's pin????

And there is Yoo Chun and Junsu.

hmmmm...JJ are you a tease? teasing who, then???? :))

ok...i'll stop right now.

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